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Faculty & Staff Directory

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Susan Gassaway

Susan Jones Gassaway, RN, MS

Pharmacy Technician Program Coordinator

Mary Amick, Ed.D.

Associate Professor Healthcare Administration

Michael Antila, M.S.

Instructor of Mathematics
Email michael.antila@uprovidence.edu

Tony Arntson

Head X-C & Track & Field Coach
Email anthony.arntson@uprovidence.edu

Matt Atwood

Head Women's Wrestling Coach
Email matthew.atwood@uprovidence.edu

Holden Autry

System Administrator I
Email servicedesk@uprovidence.edu

John Baluyut, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Email john.baluyut@uprovidence.edu

Julia Becker, M.F.A.

Professor of Art
Email julia.becker@uprovidence.edu

Brad Beffert

Assistant Athletic Director
Email brad.beffert@uprovidence.edu
Staff photo of Gail Belfert

Gail Belfert, J.D.

Professor of Criminal Justice
Email gail.belfert@uprovidence.edu

Lindsay Berg

Executive Assistant to the Provost
Email lindsay.berg@uprovidence.edu

Nikteha Birdwell

Academic Program Assistant
Email nikteha.birdwell@uprovidence.edu

Heather Blandford

Assistant Women's Soccer Coach
Staff photo of Curt Bobbit

Curtis Bobbitt, Ph.D.

Professor of English
Email curtis.bobbitt@uprovidence.edu
Staff photo of Ellen Boland

Ellen Boland

Academic Success Counselor
Email ellen.boland@uprovidence.edu

Brittany Budeski

Email brittany.budeski@uprovidence.edu

Danny Burstein

Interim Head Men's Soccer Coach
Email daniel.burstein@uprovidence.edu

Brittani Bush

Assistant Women's Softball Coach
Email brittani.bush@uprovidence.edu

Kathy Carbis

Senior Data Analyst
Email kathryn.carbis@uprovidence.edu

Amanda Carlyon

Accounting Clerk
Email amanda.carlyon@uprovidence.edu

Hayley Chang

Clinical Lab Program Coordinator
Andrea Chatburn

Andrea Chatburn, DO, MA, HEC-C

Regional Director for Ethics, Providence St Joseph Health, Eastern Washington and Montana

Drew Choules

Assistant Women's Volleyball Coach
Email drew.choules@uprovidence.edu

Jacob Clark

Dean of Students
Email jacob.clark@uprovidence.edu

Shawn Clark, Ed.D.

Assistant Professor of Education
Email shawn.clark@uprovidence.edu

Brian Clarke

Head Women's Soccer Coach
Email brian.clarke@uprovidence.edu

Trudi Cole

Executive Assistant to the President
Email trudi.cole@uprovidence.edu

Jaime Coles-Duff, D.N.P.

Assistant Professor of Nursing

Sarah Corbin

Assistant Registrar
Email sarah.corbin@uprovidence.edu

David Corbin

Maintenance/Custodian II

Alan Cress

Assistant Track & Field Coach
Email alan.cress@uprovidence.edu
Staff photo of James Croft

James Croft, M.I.S.

Associate Professor of Computer Science
Email james.croft@uprovidence.edu

Twila Croft

Senior Director of Student Academic Support and Student Veteran Liaison
Email twila.croft@uprovidence.edu

Ross DeForrest, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Email ross.deforrest@uprovidence.edu

Benjamin Donnelly, M.A.

Instructor of History/Political Science
Email benjamin.donnelly@uprovidence.edu

Arunas Duda

Head Women's Volleyball Coach
Email arunas.duda@uprovidence.edu

Ashley Dunn

Student Services Specialist
Email ashley.dunn@uprovidence.edu

Alice Dupler, J.D.

Professor of Nursing

Joey Egan

Head Women's Softball Coach
Email joey.egan@uprovidence.edu

Jillian Ehnot

Email jillian.ehnot@uprovidence.edu

Kelli Engelhardt

Director of Financial Aid and Veteran School Certifying Official
Email kelli.engelhardt@uprovidence.edu

John Enright

Security Officer

Nicolas Estrada

Director of Campus Ministry
Email nicolas.estrada@uprovidence.edu

Patricia Farmer, D.N.P.

Associate Professor of Nursing
Keegan Foss staff photo

Keegan Foss

Admissions Counselor
Email keegan.foss@uprovidence.edu

Mykal Gernaat, M.A.

Lecturer of Forensic Science
Email mykal.gernaat@uprovidence.edu

David Gides, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Theology
Email david.gides@uprovidence.edu
Briana Goehring

Briana J. Goehring, BBM, CHC

Compliance Manager for Providence Risk and Integrity Services

Sandra Granger, M.S.

Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing

Jim Gretch

Director of Distance Learning
Email james.gretch@uprovidence.edu

Matt Grunenwald

Security Officer

Carol Hammer

Senior Marketing Event Coordinator
Email carol.hammer@uprovidence.edu
Staff photo of Hayley Harned

Hayley Harned

Academic Success Counselor
Email hayley.harned@uprovidence.edu

Doug Hashley

Athletics Director
Email doug.hashley@uprovidence.edu

Kelsey Hassinger

Student Services Specialist
Email kelsey.hassinger@uprovidence.edu

Meredith Hecker, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Email meredith.berthelson@uprovidence.edu

Jeffrey Heimel

Head Men's Hockey Coach
Email jeffrey.heimel@uprovidence.edu

Amber Herigon

Director of Student Accounts
Email amber.herigon@uprovidence.edu

Jeddie Herndon

Resident Hall Director
Email jeddie.herndon@uprovidence.edu

Michelle Hill, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Psychology
Email michelle.hill@uprovidence.edu

Melanie Houge

HR Generalist
Email melanie.houge@uprovidence.edu

Janet Houston, D.N.P.

Professor of Nursing
Email janet.houston@uprovidence.edu

Tyler Hurley

Assistant Men's Basketball Coach
Email tyler.hurley@uprovidence.edu

Jennifer Jacobs

Surgical Tech Program Director
Email jennifer.jacobs@uprovidence.edu

Sachin Jain, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Counseling / Program Director for MSC
Email sachin.jain@uprovidence.edu

Kathy Jensen

Attorney at Northwest Justice Project

Rod Johanson

Director of Career Services
Email rodney.johanson@uprovidence.edu

Stephen Keller

Head Men's Basketball Coach
Email stephen.keller@uprovidence.edu

Jennifer Kelly

Staff Accountant

Traci Kirby

Security Officer

Deanna Koepke, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Sociology / Coordinator of University-Military Relations
Email deanna.koepke@uprovidence.edu

Ashley Koepke

Associate Registrar
Email ashley.koepke@uprovidence.edu

Stephen Komac

Head Men's Wrestling Coach
Email stephen.komac@uprovidence.edu

Deborah Kottel, J.D.

Professor of Legal and Paralegal Studies
Email deborah.kottel@uprovidence.edu

Jeremy Kotthoff

Assistant Director Plant Maintenance
Email jeremy.kotthoff@uprovidence.edu

Jean Kronebusch

Library Associate
Email jean.kronebusch@uprovidence.edu

Sylvan LaCross

Head Rodeo Coach

James Lautenschlager, MBA

Assistant Professor of Business
Email james.lautenschlager@uprovidence.edu

Susan Lee

Senior Librarian
Email susan.lee@uprovidence.edu
Sylvia Lindinger Sternart

Sylvia Lindinger-Sternart, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Counseling
Email sylvia.lindingersternart@uprovidence.edu

Ron Lombard, D.N.P.

Associate Professor of Nursing

Leslie Lott, M.E.T.

Assistant Professor of Education
Email leslie.lott@uprovidence.edu

Michael Low, M.A.

Associate Professor of Sociology

Edward Lucas, J.D.

Instructor Legal and Paralegal Studies
Email edward.lucas@UProvidence.edu

S. Diane Lund, Ph.D.

Professor of Biology / Program Lead for MSI
Email diane.lund@uprovidence.edu

Richard Lyman

Rodeo Development/Marketing
Email richard.lyman@uprovidence.edu

Frankie Lyons, Ed.D.

Division Chair of Health Programs
Email frankie.lyons@uprovidence.edu

Timothy MacGowan

IS Tech Support Specialist II
Email servicedesk@uprovidence.edu

Gregory Madson, Ph.D.

Professor of Sociology / Director of Institutional Research and Effectiveness
Email gregory.madson@uprovidence.edu

Joseph Mangus

Security Officer

Diana Marble

Senior Administrative Assistant to EVP, COO, CFO
Email diana.marble@uprovidence.edu

Crystal Marsh

SHP Program Manager
Email crystal.marsh@uprovidence.edu

Lyndon Marshall, Ed.D.

Professor of Computer Science
Email lyndon.marshall@uprovidence.edu

Alexandra Marshall

IS Project Manager
Email servicedesk@uprovidence.edu

Katelyn Marsik

Director of Admissions & Recruitment
Email katelyn.marsik@uprovidence.edu

Jessica Martin, M.S.

Lecturer of Biology
Email jessica.martin@uprovidence.edu

Vicki Mason, D.HSc.

MHA Program Director

Sarah Mauws, M.S.N.

Clinical Instructor of Nursing

Nano McCluskey

Advancement Associate
Email nano.mccluskey@uprovidence.edu

Susan McCoy, M.S.

Assistant Clinical Professor of Nursing

Stephanie McDonagh

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Email stephanie.mcdonagh@uprovidence.edu

Lane Mcgrath

Network Engineer
Email servicedesk@uprovidence.edu
Dan McGuire

Daniel McGuire, Ph.D.

Professor of Theology and Religion
Email daniel.mcguire@uprovidence.edu

Cole Mendenhall

Assistant Men's Wrestling Coach

Rachel Morgan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English / Director of Core Curriculum
Email rachel.morgan@uprovidence.edu

Lance Morgan

Security Officer

Stephen Muir, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Math
Email stephen.muir@uprovidence.edu

Ross A. Murphy

Chief of Security

Chris Nalepa

Security Officer

Jonathan Nelson, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Philosophy
Email jonathan.nelson@uprovidence.edu

Barb Nelson

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Christopher Nelson

Distance Learning Educ. Spec
Email christopher.nelson@uprovidence.edu
Bio photo of Dr. Jonas Nguh

Jonas Nguh, Ph.D.

Executive Dean, School of Health Professions

Kathryn Nyman-Wendt

Counselor Advocate, TRIO Student Support Services
Email kathryn.nymanwendt@uprovidence.edu

Kris Oleyar

Asst Plant Director/Custodian
Email kris.oleyar@uprovidence.edu

Morgan Olsen

Assistant Athletic Trainer
Email morgan.olsen@uprovidence.edu

Joel Owen

Athletics Administrative Assistant
Email joel.owen@uprovidence.edu

Robert Packer, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Psychology
Email robert.packer@uprovidence.edu
Brendan Palla Biography Photo

Brendan Palla, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of ILC/Ethics
Email brendan.palla@uprovidence.edu

Tami Park, M.S.

Associate Professor of Accounting
Email tami.park@uprovidence.edu

Aaron Parrett, Ph.D.

Professor of English
Email aaron.parrett@uprovidence.edu

Stacy Peterson

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor & Mick- Therapy Dog

Heidi Peterson, M.S

Instructor of Psychology

Chet Pietrykowski

Director of Physical Plant
Email chet.pietrykowski@uprovidence.edu

Victoria Plagenz, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Nursing

Regan Quaal

Strength & Conditioning Coach
Email regan.quaal@uprovidence.edu

Kelly Quick, Ed.D.

Professor of Exercise Science
Email kelly.quick@uprovidence.edu

Judy Ramento, M.N.

Medical Assistant Program Director

Thomas Raunig, Ed.D.

Professor of Health and Physical Education
Email thomas.raunig@uprovidence.edu

Courtney Rayfield

Assistant Athletic Trainer
Email courtney.rayfield@uprovidence.edu

Trace Richburg

Alumni Relations Giving Program Manager
Email trace.richburg@uprovidence.edu

Teresa Ritter

Admissions Operations Coordinator
Email teresa.ritter@uprovidence.edu
Zaida Rivera

Zaida C. Rivera, Esq.

Immigration Attorney
Jared Roberts PhD

Jared Roberts, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Counseling

Melissa Robinson, Ph.D.

Professor of Nursing / Division Chair of Nursing
Traci McCall Rooks

Traci Rooks, JD, CHC

Investigator for Providence Risk and Integrity Services

Debra Ruggerie

Senior Data Analyst
Email debra.ruggerie@uprovidence.edu

Michael Ruiz

Admissions Counselor
Email michael.ruiz@uprovidence.edu

Jim Sargent

Assistant Athletic Director, Marketing, Promotion, and Revenue Enhancement
Email jimmy.sargent@uprovidence.edu
Aubrey Sartorelli staff photo

Aubrey Sartorelli

Admissions Counselor
Email aubrey.sartorelli@uprovidence.edu
Joy Saultzman staff photo

Joy Saultzman

Admissions Counselor
Email joy.saultzman@uprovidence.edu

Lynette Savage, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Nursing

Colton Schang

Director Marketing and Communications
Email colton.schang@uprovidence.edu

Danette Schloeder, M.S.N.

Clinical Instructor of Nursing

William Seevers

Strength & Conditioning Coach
Email william.seevers@uprovidence.edu

Kay Seilstad

Disabilities Advocate, TRIO Student Support Services
Email kathleen.seilstad@uprovidence.edu

Adam Sell

Assistant Men's Soccer Coach

Alexander Semadeni

Sports Information Director
Email alexander.semadeni@uprovidence.edu

Teresa Seright, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Nursing

Jacob Sims

Custodian I

Bryan Slavik, M.S.

Senior Lecturer of Criminal Justice
Email bryan.slavik@uprovidence.edu

Krystal Smith

Assistant Women's Basketball Coach
Email krystal.smith@uprovidence.edu

Beth Sobolik

Academic Records Manager
Email beth.sobolik@uprovidence.edu

Dan Spiller

IS End User Manager
Email servicedesk@uprovidence.edu

Katrina Stark, D.M.

Professor of Business
Email katrina.stark@uprovidence.edu

Greg Stivers

TRIO Student Support Services Director
Email gregory.stivers@uprovidence.edu

Jennifer Swanson, Pharm.D.

Associate Professor of Biology
Email jennifer.swanson@uprovidence.edu

Thomas Tarnowski

Custodian I

Monica Thackeray

Assistant Athletic Trainer
Email monica.thackeray@uprovidence.edu

Dena Thares

Senior Student Accounts Specialist
Email dena.thares@uprovidence.edu

Kari Thurston

Director of Admissions Operations/SHP Program Management
Email kari.thurston@uprovidence.edu

Physical Plant

Physical Plant UP
Email physicalplant.up@uprovidence.edu


Housing UP
Email housing.up@uprovidence.edu

Drew Veitenheimer

Admissions Operations Coordinator
Email drew.veitenheimer@uprovidence.edu

Ty Vinson

Assistant Men's Wrestling Coach
Email tyler.vinson@uprovidence.edu

Taylor Walters

Staff Accountant
Email taylor.walters@uprovidence.edu

David Warehime

Maintenance/Custodian II

Rachel Wild

Academic Program Assistant
Email rachel.wild@uprovidence.edu

Spencer Williams

Head Golf Coach
Email spencer.williams@uprovidence.edu

Sara Worrall

Business Operations Manager
Email sara.worrall@uprovidence.edu

Yurie Yoneoka

Assistant Women's Wrestling Coach
Email yurie.yoneoka@uprovidence.edu