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At the University of Providence, we offer 30 undergraduate academic programs to prepare students for a variety of career paths. But it’s about more than that. We guide students to a deeper understanding of the world and what it means to be successful in it. We prepare students for making a living and a life. 

UP professors are supportive advocates with enormous faith – they believe in students even when they don’t believe in themselves. They allow students to tap into their inner strength and discover what it means be courageous. 

That belief is what unites the tight-knit community of individuals exploring their own personal frontiers at the UP. Students experience a shift in awareness while examining life, faith and what it all means together with the support of friends, professors and other important people in the community. 

Great Falls is a place where you’ll never get bored. Hiking, kayaking, rafting, fishing and horseback riding are just a few things UP students do for fun. Not an outdoor enthusiast? No problem. There are still plenty of ways to stay busy on campus. Join a club, sign up for intramurals or serve our community and those in need. 

View a PDF of our student handbook to find out more about our connected campus. 

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