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The University of Providence welcomes active duty military members and military veterans to attend classes either on campus or online. Our goal is to make the experience at UP as welcoming as possible. We have people and programs in place that are designed with veterans’ and active duty servicemen/women’s needs in mind.

Paralegal Programs for Military Members

The University of Providence has partnered with the U.S. Army and Air Force to provide bachelor’s level paralegal education to their enlisted personnel at a special tuition rate. These programs are approved by the American Bar Association in an online format that is accessible and flexible. They prepare Army and Air Force paralegals for more challenging paralegal positions or for law school.

Questions and Answers for Military and Veteran students (click for more info)

What steps do I take to use my Education Benefits at The University of Providence?

In order to use the GI Bill students must:

  1. Have an eligibility determination from the VA.
  2. Be enrolled in classes.
  3. Complete the university’s VA Enrollment Certification form.

To receive an eligibility determination (Certificate of Eligibility) from the VA, the student must complete an online application at Students may also call 1-888-442-4551 for assistance.   You may also contact the UP VA School Certifying Official at 406-791-5202.

In making its determination, the VA will review the veteran’s military record for dates of duty and the nature of the discharge. The veteran can expect to receive a Certificate of Eligibility in 6-8 weeks; processing is delayed during peak volume times.

How do I access the Web Automated Verification of Enrollment system (WAVE)? 

Verify enrollment through a WAVE account at or call the Voice Response telephone line at 1-877-VA-ECERT (1-877-823-2378). First time users should access and read the WAVE User Guide, found on the website listed above. Students CANNOT verify until the last day of the month. (When prompted to provide a VA claim number, use the student’s Social Security Number).

How can I find out more information about my payment status?

Payments are made after the month is over. Generally, direct deposits should be in a student’s bank account on the first day of the following month.

If students are using Chapter 30, 1606, or 1607, there is a payment history on his or her WAVE account.  It will also specify how many months of eligibility remain. Students must certify the enrollment each month thru the WAVE process; payments will be issued 4-7 days after WAVE is completed.

If students are using Chapter 33, access eBenefits online.  A Premium account is required; there is no charge for a premium account.

Contact the VA Customer Service Hotline at 1-800-827-1000.   Alternatively, students may submit a secure email question through the RightNowWeb portal: NOTE: It is not unusual for the first payment of the term to be delayed; often the VA is behind in processing the term claims. Payments will be retroactive to the first day of the term.

What classes can I take?

The VA rules require a student be degree seeking. The academic advisor can help with making sure students are taking courses that are required to complete the program they have chosen.

The VA will not pay to repeat any courses that students completed successfully (letter grades of A, B, C or D) UNLESS the courses require a specific minimum grade.

How does the VA know that I am enrolled in school?

The University of Providence VA School Certifying Official (SCO) is located in the Financial Aid Office in Argo Central. The SCO reports enrollment information to the VA electronically. The VA will send a letter to the student after processing the claim each semester. The letter will specify the time period and amount of benefits for the term.  It will also notify the student how many months of eligibility remain AFTER the current term.

What steps do I need to take in order for UP to certify me for the semester?

  1. Bring in the most recent copy of a student’s Certificate of Eligibility that has been received from the VA (one will be generated after each enrollment certification and mailed to the student).
  2. Complete and return a VA Enrollment Certification form, a printed schedule, and a copy of the current degree planner once registered for classes, which can be found on our website or in the financial aid office.

What happens if my enrollment changes during the term?  

The SCO monitors enrollment throughout the term. It is important to keep in contact with the SCO; adding classes, dropping classes or withdrawing from the term need to be reported to the VA.

Generally, decreasing enrollment or withdrawing from school will result in an overpayment from the VA and will require the student to repay money received. The SCO can advise the student of the process with the VA.

Can I receive federal financial aid even though I receive VA benefits?

Yes! Federal financial aid is based on prior-prior year’s income, household size and enrollment status.  It is not affected by the student receiving veteran’s education benefits.

It is suggested that all students apply for financial aid by completing the FAFSA process. Students always have the opportunity to decline federal aid that has been offered.

Does the amount of credits I enroll in affect my benefit amount?

Yes, the enrollment status affects the benefit amount.

For Chapter 30, 35, 31, 1606 and 1607 the VA pays at a training time rate.

Full Time 12 credits 100% of monthly benefit
¾ Time 9-11 credits 75% of monthly benefit
½ Time 6-8 credits 50% of monthly benefit

Students enrolled in less than 6 credits receive a total benefit equal to the amount of tuition and fees for the term.

For Chapter 33, the housing benefit is based on the rate of pursuit.

12 Credits 100 percent
11 Credits 91.66 percent
10 Credits 83.33 percent
9 Credits 75 percent
8 Credits 66.66 percent
7 Credits 58.33 percent
0-6 Credits No Housing Payment

Students need to keep in mind the payment tier that the VA has assigned them. Graduate students enrolled in at least 6 credits per semester are considered full time.

There are several programs that fall under Education Benefits for Military and Veteran students such as the Post 9/11 GI Bill (ch 33), Montgomery GI Bill (ch 30), Survivor’s and Dependent’s Assistance (ch 35), Guard/Reserve Benefits (ch 1606) and Veterans Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment (ch 31).

Yellow Ribbon Program

Under the Post-9/11 GI Bill, the Department of Veterans Affairs will pay a private institution up to $23,671.94 for the 2018-2019 academic year for the eligible student’s tuition and fees. The Yellow Ribbon program allows institutions of higher learning in the United States to voluntarily enter into an agreement with the Department of Veterans Affairs to help fund tuition and fee expenses that go beyond the annual cap. Participating schools can then contribute up to 50 percent of the remaining tuition and fee expenses, and the Department of Veterans Affairs will match that amount. This means that under the post 9/11 GI Bill and the Yellow Ribbon Program, the student’s entire tuition and fees will be paid for at the University of Providence. The Department of Veterans Affairs will also pay a monthly housing allowance and a book stipend of up to $1,000 per year!


Only veterans or their designated transferees using the Post-9/11 GI Bill who are entitled to the maximum benefit rate of 100 percent (based on service requirements) may receive Yellow Ribbon Benefits. Spouses of Active Duty members are not eligible for the monthly housing allowance.

Eligibility criteria for the Post-9-11 GI Bill can be found at the GI Bill website.

Transfer of Post-9-11 GI-Bill Benefits to Dependents (TEB)

Servicemembers may transfer all or some of their unused benefits to their spouse or dependent children. The request to transfer must be completed while the servicemember is still serving on active duty. For specific questions on eligibility for TEB or how to apply, or call the service career counselor or personnel center. VA does not determine eligibility for TEB.


The Post 9/11 GI Bill pays tuition and fees directly to the school on the eligible students’ behalf. The housing allowance and book stipend are paid directly to the student based on their rate of pursuit (i.e. full time, half time).

Accurate enrollment information must be submitted to the Department of Veterans Affairs so that benefit payments are calculated correctly. It is the students’ responsibility to notify the School Certifying Official of any changes to their enrollment within each semester.

Please be aware that the VA portion of tuition payment will not appear on the statement of account until the University of Providence receives actual payment from the VA. To ensure prompt payment, remember to complete the VA Enrollment Certification Request Form prior to each semester. Once the VA Enrollment Certification Request Form is processed, the University of Providence’s Student Account’s Office will recognize that VA tuition payment will be expected; therefore, students will not be required to pay the tuition and fee expenses up front.

The Yellow Ribbon Program is an agreement between institutions of higher learning and the Department of Veterans Affairs that cover the gap between what the Post-9-11 GI Bill will pay a private institution and what the actual cost of tuition and fees are.

Veteran Support Center Information

Whether it’s questions about DVA benefits, help figuring out which classes to take or just a place to study or catch up with friends, the Veteran Support Center is open to all veterans. The Center is equipped with:

  • Laptops
  • Tables for group or independent study
  • Lounge area, TV and Xbox
  • Coffee maker, refrigerator and microwave
  • Printing services

Contact Us

The Veteran Support Center is open from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Monday – Thursday) and 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Friday) in Room 106A in Sullivan Hall.

Telephone: 406-791-5988
Fax: 406-791-5990

Veteran Services

At UP, we understand that veteran students are not the same as traditional students coming out of high school, which is why we have many programs and resources to help navigate the system and succeed on campus.

Veteran Mentor Program

This student-initiated program connects incoming veteran students with a peer mentor who can help them successfully navigate campus.

Department of Veterans Affairs Education Benefits Program

The Financial Aid VA School Certifying Official is familiar with all of the state and federal benefits programs and can help students select the right program, how apply and make sure students are getting the most out of their benefits program.

  • Applying for Benefits
  • Benefits Programs
  • Supplemental DVA Education Benefits

Disability services

UP has a proud history of accommodating persons with disabilities, and is committed to ensuring equal educational access and full participation in all of the university’s programs, services and events. Disability services are available through our Center for Academic Excellence- TRiO program located in Sullivan Hall.

The Veteran Support Center is a dedicated space in Sullivan Hall Building, with a Veteran Success Coach and two veteran work-study students to help veterans with just about anything.

Academic Options & Support

  • Veterans Orientation

Veteran students attend a separate orientation session that helps them acclimate to campus and get to know all of the resources and programs that are available.

  • Priority Registration

Veteran students are provided priority registration to help ensure they get the classes they need.

  • Tutoring Assistance

The Veteran Support Center can help coordinate supplemental academic support so you can get the help you need.

Whether you are completing your degree or just beginning, we will assist you as you are making the transition from your military experience, into college life, and onto the civilian workforce.

University of Providence Contacts

Kelli Engelhardt
Director of Financial Aid and Veteran School Certifying Official

Twila Croft
Senior Director of Student Academic Supports and Student Veteran Liaison

Don Weber
Veteran Success Coach-Intern

Amber Herigon
Student Account Office

Ashley Koepke
Military Transcript Analyst, Registrar’s Office

Military Admission Counselor
Admissions Office

Kay Seilstad
Disability Advocate, Student Support Center, Center for Academic Excellence-TRiO Program

IS Support Service Desk

Rod Johanson
Director of Career Services

Mental Health Counseling/Academic Success Center
Renew Wellness Center

UP Toll Free Numbers

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Campus Bookstore 888-817-4805
Distance Learning* 800-342-9824
Financial Aid 800-856-9561
All of the 800 numbers work in the following areas CO, ID, MT, ND, OR, SD, WA, WY, Alberta, BC, Saskatchewan

*These numbers are accessible NATIONWIDE

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