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Graduate Admissions

Become a Graduate Student at UP – Start Your Application!


We are excited to announce our partnership with BusinessCAS, GradCAS and NursingCAS for our graduate programs. These CAS programs are centralized, easy to navigate application services that support students and universities in a more streamlined application process.

Individuals interested in applying for graduate programs will need to submit their application through their respective CAS applications. Applications are live for candidates interested in beginning in Fall 2024 and Spring 2025.

School of Liberal Arts and Sciences Application Requirements
  1. Complete your application for Admission for Fall 2024 or Spring 2025
  2. Submit required Application Fees for Fall 2024 or Spring 2025
      • Organizational Leadership Management: $58 application fee, required by BusinessCAS
      • Sports Management: $38 application fee, required by GradCAS
  3. Official transcript that shows completion of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. For BusinessCAS and GradCAS Applicants, transcripts should be submitted directly to the CAS. For all other applicants, transcripts can be sent directly to: University of Providence | Admissions | 1301 20th Street South |Great Falls, MT 59405.
  4. Graduate Personal Statement
  5. Current resume highlighting work, volunteer, or extra-curricular experience.
  6. If an undergraduate GPA falls below 3.0, at the discretion of the program coordinator, the student may be required to complete the GRE exam. Recommended GRE scores are 150 verbal and 149 quantitative.
School of Health Professions Application Requirements

General Requirements

Application: All applicants are required to submit a completed application

Nursing applicants apply for admission through NursingCAS (FA 24 | SP 25)

Non-nursing apply for admission through GradCAS

Application Fees: Applicants must pay the applicable CAS fee:

NursingCAS: $80

GradCAS: $38

Transcripts: Applicants should submit official college/university transcripts

Must show completion of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited university

Transcripts can be sent directly to NursingCAS or GradCAS

Transcripts can also be sent to the admissions office

GPA Requirements: Applicants must meet a minimum GPA requirement of 3.0

Applicants who do not meet a 3.0 GPA may be required to complete the GRE exam

Recommended GRE Scores: 150 verbal and 149 quantitative.

Graduate Personal Statement: Applicants must submit a personal statement

Resume / Curriculum Viète: Applicants must submit a current up-to-date resume

Include any volunteer or extra-curricular activities


Additional Program Requirements/Exclusions

Infection Prevention & Epidemiology

Course Requirements: Applicants must complete the following courses:

Microbiology | Anatomy & Physiology I & II | Introduction to Statistics

Nurse Educator Concentration

Degree Requirements: Applicant must have a completed BSN degree

Degree must be issued through an accredited nursing university

RN License: Applicant must hold an active, unencumbered RN license

RN icense must be issued in the state the applicant resides and works in

Personal Statement: Applicants are required to submit a personal statement:

Address your plan for success as you transition to a master’s level nursing curriculum, including your reason for pursuing graduate education. Include your plans for the understanding of and suitability for distance learning and time management.

Adult-Gerontology Nurse Practitioner Concentration

Degree Requirements: Applicant must hold a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree

Degree must be completed and issued through an accredited nursing university

RN License: Applicant must hold an active, unencumbered registered nurse license

RN license must be issued in the state the applicant resides and works in

Personal Statement: Applicants are required to submit a personal statement:

Address your plan for success as you transition to a master’s level nursing curriculum. Include the reason for pursuing graduate education and your plans for understanding of and suitability for distance learning and time management.

Preceptors Evaluation: Applicants are required to answer preceptor questions:

Do you have a preceptor you are considering? Yes/No?

If yes, please plan to provide the name of the person and facility information.

GradCAS Fall 24 – Spring 25 BusinessCAS Fall 24 – Spring 25  NursingCAS Fall 24 – Spring 25

Important Deadlines for Graduate Admissions


School of Health Professions

Fall 2024 – August 14, 2024


School of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Fall 2024 – August 16, 2024


What’s Next After Admission?


After you’ve been admitted as a graduate student at the University of Providence, here is what you’ll need to do next.

  1. Reply to your “Offer of Admission.” By filling out this form, you’ll confirm that you are committed to attending the University of Providence.
  2. Pay your tuition deposit to secure your place in the incoming class.
  3. As required by Montana state law for on-campus students, provide your immunization records showing dates of MMR 1 & 2 vaccinations, if you plan to reside on campus.
  4. Complete the STARTUP Online Orientation course. Instructions on how to participate in this course will be provided to you upon submitting the tuition deposit.
  5. Register for your classes. An academic advisor will touch base with you to help you register once you have completed the STARTUP course.
  6. If you have coursework in progress at the time of application, an updated transcript showing completion of coursework will be required.
  7. Complete your free application for Federal student aid. If you plan on obtaining financial aid, be sure to complete the FAFSA. Results should be sent to the University of Providence (school code 002527). The FAFSA is available beginning Oct. 1 in the year before the academic year for which you are applying. You may be asked to provide follow-up information as part of the financial aid process, so please pay attention to any communication from FAFSA or from the Financial Aid Office. Learn more about financial aid.
  8. Health Professions students will also be required to participate in mandatory program-specific immersions. A program manager will contact students about available immersion dates upon completion of the STARTUP Online Orientation course.

Graduate Admissions FAQs

How much is the application fee to apply to graduate school at UP?

The application fee amount varies depending on the program. Application fees are as follows:

  • Organizational Leadership Management program: $58
  • Sports Management program: $38
  • Nursing programs: $80
  • All other programs: $38
What should I include in my personal statement?

Your personal statement gives you the opportunity to tell your story. What makes your experience unique — either in your education or in your professional career — and what sets you apart from other applicants? Tell us about what has shaped you and why you’re interested in the program you’re applying for.

While a personal statement is indeed personal, it should still comprehensively and formally convey your achievements, goals and history in a way that best represents you as a student and professional. This includes ensuring that your statement is free of any grammatical errors and accurately recounts your education and/or career path, goals and achievements.

The personal statement is part of University of Providence’s first impression of you, so be sure to set yourself up for success by clearly and concisely articulating your unique selling points, personal experiences and professional goals throughout your statement. 

Other quick tips include:

  • Your opening paragraph should be attention grabbing — focus on finding a theme, hook or storyline that captures the energy of your overall statement and can anchor your opening paragraph to a common thread. Having a strong opening can keep admissions teams engaged and interested in what you have to say.
  • While you should keep your statement relatively brief and concise, that doesn’t mean you should make generalizations about your educational or professional experiences. Being specific about your skills, experiences and familiarity with the tools of your industry demonstrates that you’re an expert in your field and tells admissions teams that you’re well equipped for graduate study.
  • Keep it professional and relevant. The work you did in high school is likely not relevant to your future education in graduate school and is best left out of your personal statement. Focus on more recent experiences in your undergraduate career or in your profession. In addition, avoid cliches (remember, you want to stand out from other applicants) and refrain from controversial or divisive subjects that lack relevance to your studies and may be offensive to those reading your personal statement.
Who should I ask for professional or scholastic references?

Scholastic references often come from previous professors or educators who have worked closely with you and can speak to your strengths as a student. Professional references typically come from managers or supervisors who are familiar with your professional work and have insight into your performance and professional competencies. If you have additional questions about who to contact for a letter of reference, please contact the Office of Admissions for support.

Who can I contact for help with my application?

Should you have any questions about your application or need further assistance, you can contact the Office of Admissions for support.

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