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Business Administration Degree

Business Administration Program Overview


The Business Administration program at the University of Providence allows you to earn a Bachelor’s of Science degree in a number of programs that includes concentrations in general business, finance, or management that closely fit your career interests and goals. 

You’ll find that even in an online environment, professors at UP are dedicated to getting to know you and supporting your success. Writing skills and technical tools are integrated throughout the program, allowing each student to reach their full potential for career success. The faculty in the business department have worked in both the non-profit and for-profit arenas, and bring those experiences to the classroom.

In addition to general business knowledge, the Business Administration program emphasizes three primary competencies: interpersonal skills, technological skills, and problem-solving. Ethical decision-making and personal character development are also woven through the coursework. Theoretical and practical concepts are integrated through case studies and projects that take advantage of students’ professional and organizational experience. An internship takes you out of the classroom and into applying the skills and knowledge you have learned for your resume.

The Business Administration program is offered as an on-campus option as well as an online only option.

Program Curriculum


Business Administration Degree

Skills You’ll Learn

Students who earn a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Providence will learn these skills and more:

  • Accounting
  • Critical thinking
  • Communication
  • Hone presentation skills
  • Research tools
  • Several “soft skills” employers seek
  • Writing
  • Business practices
  • Management information
  • Project management
  • Marketing skills
  • Business management


Career Outcomes

The sky is the limit with a business degree; no matter what you choose to do, you will use these skills of reading/creating a budget, using critical thinking to solve problems, using basic marketing skills, seeing how your area and world are affected by external events (micro and macroeconomics), leadership and management skills-and more.

Internship Opportunities

Internship opportunities are available, and you will receive school credit for your completed hours. Business Administration students may intern where they choose, once approved. In the past, Business Administration students have interned at:

  • Stockman Bank
  • Social Security
  • Out of state opportunities can be approved through the organization and your advisor.


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Program Faculty

Katrina Stark, D.M.

Professor of Business

James Lautenschlager, MBA

Assistant Professor of Business

Contact Information


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long will it take to complete a Business Administration degree?

A student must have 120 credits to graduate; depending on what you bring in for credits such as AP course, Honors courses, or community college/junior college courses, your time can vary. The business degree core has 36 credits, each concentration has 12 credits (48 total of your 120).

How much will I make with a degree in Business Administration?

This depends completely on location and cost of living. The University of Providence makes every Business Administration student ready for an entry-level manager position.

What kind of jobs can I get with a Business Administration degree?

The skills of a business major from the University of Providence are transferrable to any job or organization. Some Business Administration entry-level positions include: Project manager, program manager, government contractor, administrator, and entrepreneur.

People dream of getting the opportunity to live in Montana. I am so deeply connected to Great Falls, and Montana as a whole, my best of friends are all from the state and half of them I didn’t even go to school with. But every single one of those individuals taught me a lot about life and how to love every moment of every day, and every one that I encounter. One of the bigger statements that Katrina Stark always said to me was “You always leave a place better then how you found it” - Great Falls and the University of Providence were already on their way to being great, however, that statement alone is what motivated me to do as much as I could in my last year for the school.
Samantha Sandoval
"Before attending the University of Providence, I was unsure of what I really wanted to pursue. After beginning the Business Administration program, I found a desire in both sales and entrepreneurship. Not only have I learned a lot about myself with this program and where my interests in the business world lie, but I have also learned about the critical principles of business and how to set myself up for success in the future. I’ve had the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable and experienced professors who have designed their class structures to apply to the real world of business. My goal with this degree is to start my career in real estate and eventually start my own business. With everything I've learned, I'm confident that I'll be one step ahead of the game when I graduate and prepared to start working towards my dream."
Megan Haugen
Business Administration Major