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Core Curriculum

The Core Curriculum at University of Providence, known as Lumen de Lumine, provides the foundation for UP’s undergraduate liberal arts education. It forms students as whole persons preparing them for their future careers, but also for their long-term vocations.

Courses transcend any one department or major and lay a strong foundation. Students learn to write and speak confidently and persuasively, cultivate the skills to engage in respectful dialogue, better understand major moral and ethical theories, develop skills and dispositions of servant leadership, and understand how Judeo-Christian thought develops through dialogue with different cultures and philosophies.

By inviting students to engage with the liberal arts and living Catholic Intellectual Tradition, the Core Curriculum at UP challenges all students to discern how they might best achieve their own good and the good of their communities.

Foundational Courses

The foundational courses immerse students in building skills essential for all UP majors in critical thinking, critical reading, empathy, self-discovery, healthy debate and effective oral presentations.

Students take Corps of Discovery, English writing, information literacy, technology modules, a philosophy course entitled ‘What does it mean to be human?,’ a theology course, and a math course.

Arts and Sciences Courses

Students continue their exploration of the liberal arts through courses in English, literature, history, social sciences, fine arts, and natural sciences.

Ethics, Theology and ILC Objectives

By their third year students begin integrating and reflecting on the liberal arts and their own majors through courses in philosophical ethics, theology through a courses entitle ‘The Christian Life’, and two ILCs where they discuss ‘What is Truth?’ and ‘What is the Common Good?’.

Applied Associate’s Degree Core Curriculum Requirements

Associate’s Degree Core Curriculum Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree Core Curriculum Requirements

Curriculum Planners

Curriculum requirements for academic majors and minors are listed in the academic catalog.  Current students and faculty advisors are also encouraged to use DegreeWorks to track curriculum requirements.