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Your Questions Answered: Undergraduate Healthcare Administration Programs

The University of Providence’s undergraduate healthcare administration programs offer new and returning students the opportunity to learn critical competencies in core healthcare knowledge, health system functionality, healthcare management, and ethical leadership in healthcare administration. Explore questions about our undergraduate healthcare administration programs.


Who is an ideal candidate for our healthcare administration programs?

Our undergraduate healthcare administration programs are ideal for anyone interested in seeking a career in healthcare administration or management. Our associate degree program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions in healthcare while our bachelor degree program prepares current or new administrators to take on supervisory positions in healthcare. Both our programs welcome career changers, career advancers, working professionals, and recent high school graduates.


What skills will I be learning as part of the associate program?

Associate of Science in Healthcare Administration students will develop an understanding of the U.S. healthcare system, informatics, and technology management. In addition, they will focus on the value of sociocultural awareness when managing patients, families, and the workforce in general. These skills and more will help prepare students for entry-level positions in healthcare administration.


What skills will I be learning as part of the bachelor program?

Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration students will train in preparation for management & leadership positions within healthcare with an emphasis in ethical approaches.


When does enrollment take place for the undergraduate in healthcare administration programs?

Our undergraduate healthcare administration programs offer fall, spring, and summer intakes. Application deadlines for spring, summer, and fall admission can be found on the undergraduate admissions page.


How are classes held?

The undergraduate healthcare administration programs are offered online. Courses are administered through a combination of asynchronous and synchronous learning. Students meet synchronously with instructors for one virtual class per week. The remaining lectures, coursework, and projects are asynchronous.


Where can I seek employment following graduation?

Healthcare administrators are needed throughout the healthcare continuum. Whether you’re seeking an entry-level position or a mid-level position as a manager or supervisor, administrators help ensure the healthcare system, companies, and individual locations run smoothly. Common places of employment include hospitals, clinics, long-term care communities, and physicians’ offices.


Why should I apply to the University of Providence’s healthcare administration program?

UPs healthcare administration program is taught BY healthcare professionals FOR healthcare professionals. Our industry-experienced faculty are knowledgeable in the current practices and core competencies required of today’s healthcare administrators, preparing students to meet employers’ needs.


What does the University of Providence’s program have that other programs do not?

Our undergraduate healthcare administration programs prepare students to meet the needs of healthcare administrators without the long, drawn-out courses. Our 8-week courses are designed to help students understand and solve current healthcare problems without the burden or impact of a full-length semester.


What is healthcare administration?

Healthcare administration work is primarily un-seen work in healthcare settings. Although unseen, healthcare administrators ensure that caregivers can provide smooth, efficient patient-facing care. Healthcare administrators can also work directly with patients across legal, financial, and customer service roles.


What will a typical day-to-day look like after graduating with this degree?

A typical day-to-day will often depend on an administrator’s role, job title, and seniority level. With a degree in healthcare administration from UP, however, students are prepared for whatever path their career in healthcare administration takes them. Students will have a deeper insight and understanding of the healthcare system and how to navigate problems through critical thinking skills.


How far up the ladder will a healthcare administration degree get me?

While degrees can help determine a student’s career trajectory, it is not the deciding factor. Graduates of our undergraduate healthcare administration programs are prepared for entry and mid-level positions in healthcare administration, including leadership positions. By obtaining a bachelor degree, students are well-positioned to receive their MHA, opening the door to senior and even executive leadership positions.


Will I be able to compete with other candidates with a degree from UP?

Absolutely. The University of Providence is a highly regarded and respected university with over 15 health and nursing-focused programs at the certificate, undergraduate, and graduate levels. All programs in our healthcare administration catalog teach students practical skills that employers seek. Students graduate from our programs with the skills needed to immerse themselves in their careers and climb the corporate ladder.


What are some courses I can take to prepare for healthcare administration courses?

Students considering a role in healthcare administration should develop strong proficiency in math, English, and writing. These are all prerequisites for higher-level courses and healthcare administration. Students can obtain these prerequisites through our course offerings or transfer these credits from another institution. A complete list of prerequisite courses and requirements can be found on our website.


What makes a successful student in UPs undergraduate healthcare administration program?

Our degrees are designed to help students achieve their highest level of success. Engaging with coursework, completing readings, assigned writing assignments, and sharing knowledge through online forms and class assignments are essential to program success. In addition, students should venture out of their comfort zone by looking for new and exciting areas to learn, engage with and grow with the coursework.


What skills do I need to succeed in UPs healthcare administration program?

Students are not required to know any specific healthcare administration skills before enrollment. However, all students should enter the program with an open and curious mind.


How long will it take for me to earn my associate or bachelor degree from UP?

Program completion time is contingent upon multiple factors, including the number of courses taken each semester, applicable transfer credits, and course availability. On average, students who enroll in our associate degree program in healthcare administration complete the program in 24 months, while students who enroll in in our bachelor healthcare administration program, complete our program in 38 months.


Do I need an existing higher education degree to enroll in the associate or bachelor program?

Neither our associate nor bachelor degree programs in healthcare administration require prior completion of a higher education degree. However, those who have earned college credits or previous degrees may be eligible to apply their credits toward their healthcare administration degree. For a full list of program requirements, visit the undergraduate healthcare administration admissions page.


Will I be able to complete this program as a full-time employee?

Yes. Our associate and bachelor in healthcare administration programs are designed to meet the needs of currently employed healthcare professionals, including those in full-time or part-time employment, third-shift employees, and those without a consistent working schedule.


How many credits will I need to complete the associate or bachelor degree?

The total number of credits required to complete the associate or bachelor program can vary depending on the number of transfer credits applied by a student. To graduate from the University of Providence with an associate degree, students are required to complete 60 credit hours of coursework, while students graduating with a bachelor degree are required to complete 120 credit hours.