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What First-Year Nursing Students Should Know About the University of Providence’s Campus

While starting college can offer a thrilling new chapter for many first-year nursing students, it can also be a nerve-wracking experience. Incoming first years can have a lot to worry about, including keeping up with coursework, adjusting to a new schedule, making friends, meeting academic demands, connecting with professors, and so much more. At the University of Providence (UP), we understand these concerns! Our campus offers a wide range of in-person and online resources to first-year nursing students navigating the challenging 4-year nursing path.

Even though college life can seem daunting, UP is dedicated to ensuring first-year nursing students are equipped with the tools and resources to succeed. Continue reading to discover three things every first-year nursing student should know about our campus and the resources offered.


First-Year Corps of Discovery Course

UP’s Corps of Discovery course is a three-credit class required for first-year nursing students and other non-nursing majors. The course is designed to help first-year students ease their transition into college life through fun and engaging activities inside and outside the classroom and campus. The course is far more than just an academic requirement; it’s an opportunity to build connections with fellow first-year nursing and non-nursing students, ease into social adjustments alongside your peers, and explore the Great Falls and greater Montana community.

Through activities both in and out of the classroom, you’ll immerse yourself in the Great Falls area, participate in team-building exercises, and visit stunning Montana landmarks. For more details, visit our student life page and navigate to Corps of Discovery.


Academic Success Services: Supporting Your Journey

Student academic support services provide in-demand services to first-year nursing students looking to take greater control over their academic standing. Whether you have a documented learning disability, need help with a challenging class or topic, or are looking to get or stay ahead in courses, UP offers multiple academic and student support services for first-year nursing students.


Academic Success Center

First-year nursing students can take advantage of the many resources offered through the academic success center. The center can help with building study plans, registering for courses, graduation tracking, course requirements, and more. Outside of academics, the center offers personal guidance by assisting with time management, stress management, and testing anxiety. The center can also connect students to licensed mental health professionals or extended academic support services. Learn more about the Academic Success Center.

On-Site & Remote Tutoring Services

Tutoring isn’t for poor-performing students. It can serve as a valuable resource for first-year nursing students who are interested in taking command of their academics. Whether you need help with a specific topic, a challenging concept, test, or studying prep, or regular check-ins, UP offers tutoring services both in-person at the university library and online through TutorMe. Tutors are offered by subject or degree, and are familiar with course material. Many tutors available to students are fellow or former students or faculty in your major. For more information on tutoring services and online tutoring, explore the Library Services page.

TRIO Student Support Services

UP is proud to offer TRIO Support Services for eligible first-year nursing students. TRIO a federally funded program centered around providing additional academic and campus life support for eligible students. Those who are eligible include but are not limited to first-generation college students, those with documented disabilities, and income-eligible students. TRIO offers a variety of academic, financial, personal, social, and career support services facilitated through the dedicated TRIO staff. Visit the Academic Support page for eligibility.


Get Involved: Student Engagement

Beyond academics, UP offers a vibrant campus life filled with various student activities, diverse organizations, and exciting opportunities for first-year nursing students. Whether you’re interested in clubs, athletics, off-campus activities, or service trips, UP offers something for everyone.


Clubs & Organizations

Joining clubs and organizations is a fantastic way for first-year nursing students to get involved and expand their social horizons. UP offers a diverse range of social, competitive, and academic clubs. Don’t see a club you like? You can start your own with some support from fellow students and a faculty advisor. Learn more on our Clubs & Organizations page.

Athletic Opportunities

If you played sports in high school or your community, UP’s athletic programs offer a great way for first-year nursing students to continue pursuing their passion while making new friends and building discipline inside and outside of the classroom. As part of the NAIA division, UP offers 15 men’s and women’s sports, including golf, wrestling, basketball, and more. Visit our athletics page to learn about eligibility and opportunities.

Off-Campus Opportunities

UP’s off-campus offerings let first-year nursing students explore Great Falls and beyond. Enjoy local restaurants, shop local businesses, and participate in community events. UP also offers seasonal outdoor recreation activities such as kayaking, frisbee golf, biking, and hiking for first-year nursing students looking to connect with the outdoors.


Ready to Begin Your Journey?

The University of Providence is committed to providing a comprehensive and supportive environment for first-year nursing students. From academic support to exciting extracurricular activities, we have everything you need to thrive. Join us and start your journey in the Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at UP today!