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Accelerated BSN: A Different Way To Get Your Nursing Degree

Are you a bachelor’s degree holder interested in becoming a nurse?

The University of Providence’s Accelerated BSN degree offers an accelerated learning pathway for students with a previous bachelor’s degree to become registered nurses. Our 12-month degree program combines online and In-person learning with skill labs and clinical placements designed to set you on a path to serving in one of the most trusted professions of the last 20 years.

What makes our program stand out? On top of being a regionally and nationally accredited program, our accelerated BSN degree path offers dynamic course offerings centered around nursing foundations, in-demand clinical skills, and compassionate care. As a result, you will graduate ready to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving, high-demand field by providing compassionate patient care and serving as a leader in your area.


Program Eligibility

You automatically qualify for our accelerated BSN degree path if you hold a bachelor’s degree in any field. Our program is not suited for those who hold an associate’s degree, have an incomplete bachelor’s degree, or have no college experience. In addition, the accelerated BSN program is not for currently practicing nurses seeking a BSN or existing healthcare professionals who do not hold a degree.

In addition to meeting the minimum degree requirements, you must also meet the prerequisite course requirements by completing at least two of the following courses (Microbiology, Anatomy, or Physiology) before your enrollment in the program. Admission to the program requires that you have received credit for the courses, have passed them with a ‘C’ or higher, and have obtained credit for them within the last ten years.

  • Anatomy and Physiology with Labs (total of 8-semester credits)
  • Microbiology with Lab (4-semester credits)
  • Statistics (3 credits)
  • Nutrition (3 credits)


In addition to the academic and pre-requisite requirements, our program requires you to reside within commuting distance from one of our accelerated BSN clinical sites. We currently offer two clinical sites for students – one in Montana and the other in Alaska. Students must reside in these locations to qualify.

  • Lewistown, MT
  • Anchorage, AK


Accelerated Course Offerings

Once admitted into the program, you will begin your full-time, 12-month academic journey to becoming a registered nurse. As a student, you will be immersed in a combination of didactic lessons, clinical skill labs, specialized nursing skill labs, and clinical placement. Our program is designed to set a strong foundation of nursing by building off the fundamentals and preparing you to serve across different specialties and clinical settings – preparing you to become a lifelong learner in the field.

Our accelerated BSN degree paths curriculum is designed to teach you the foundations and fundamentals of nursing practice – preparing you to deliver in-demand skills, specializations, and more. Over the course of our 12-month program, you will have the opportunity to learn various disciplines nurses use daily, including pharmacology, nursing leadership, population health, and more.

  • NRS PL 313 Nursing Practice Fundamentals (4 credits)
  • NRS PL 376 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Concepts I (3 credits)
  • NRS PL 370 Introduction to Professional Nursing (1 credit)
  • NRS PL 372 Nursing Concepts I (4 credits)
  • NSR PL 412 Nursing Ethics and Spirituality (3 credits)
  • NRS PL 378 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Concepts II (3 credits)
  • NRS PL 430 Clinical Concepts I (3 credits)
  • NRS PL 410 Evidence-Based Nursing Practice (3 credits)
  • NRS PL 422 Quality and Safety in Nursing Leadership (2 credits)
  • NRS PL 374 Nursing Concepts II (3 credits)
  • NRS PL 414 Population Health (3 credits)
  • NRS PL 421 Nursing Leadership (4 credits)
  • NRS PL 440 Clinical Concepts II (4 credits)
  • NRS PL 474 Nursing Concepts III (3 credits)
  • NRS PL 425 Health Promotion in Nursing (2 credits)
  • NRS PL 417 Global Perspectives in Healthcare (2 credits)
  • NRS PL 450 Transition to Nursing Practice (6 credits)
  • NRS PL 495 Senior Seminar (1 credit)


Cohort Learning Model

Instead of navigating the program as an independent learner working at your own pace, you will be working in tandem with your fellow students as part of our accelerated BSN degree paths cohort-style learning model. Cohort learning is a group learning style that puts you on the same completion track as your classmates, meaning you advance through the program at the same rate as your classmates – taking the same courses, learning the same skills, and completing the program at the same time.

Cohort learning not only offers you the opportunity to make lifelong friends in the program but also provides the added benefit of instilling external motivation to help propel you deeper into your studies. In addition to external motivation and accountability, you will learn the value of teamwork and foster a sense of community. These are vital skills used by every nurse throughout their daily practice.


Clinical Skill Labs & Placements

Learning from a textbook, lecture, or discussion forum is important – applying hands-on skills and tactics to those methods is another. Nursing is not just about memorizing procedures, refining communication skills, and knowing about different medications and their side effects. You can put your coursework into action through targeted skills labs centered around core nursing competencies.

Not only are skills labs ideal for helping familiarize you with the skills you need to know, but they serve as a medium for you to get comfortable in a healthcare setting and become familiar with the equipment, tools, and technology you will be using. Skill labs also allow you to engage with fellow students and clinical staff to perfect your skills, enhance communication, and take direction.


Career & Education Advancement

Once you graduate from our Accelerated BSN program, you will sit for the National Councils Licensure Exam (NCLEX-RN), the final step to becoming a registered nurse. With a BSN and NCLEX-RN certificate, your doors in the nursing field will grow significantly – opening doors to additional nursing certifications, professional certificates, or post-bachelor degree opportunities such as graduate school.

If you have a bachelor’s degree and are interested in transitioning to a career in nursing, the University of Providence’s Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing program can help you reach your goal in just under 12 months. Explore our nursing page to learn more about our program today.