University of Providence

The University of Providence School of Liberal Arts and Sciences supports the holistic formation of students by helping them achieve academic, personal and professional success. This is done by integrating teaching, scholarship, advising, mission guidance, co-curricular activities and comprehensive student support.

The school upholds the highest teaching and learning standards to provide support to faculty and students working to reach those standards.

Students are engaged, active partners in their learning and whole-person growth journey in the university’s inclusive environment.

Core Curriculum

Lumen de Lumine, the Latin phrase meaning light from light, is the foundation of the Core Curriculum for undergraduates at the University of Providence.

The core provides a strong foundation for any major. UP faculty applies the wisdom of the past to prepare students to address complex issues today.

The core furthers the exploration done in the Integrated Learning Community (ILC) classes offered at the University of Providence. The ILC courses are taught by a team of professors with different areas of expertise, offering students a cross-disciplinary learning experience.

The core curriculum includes theology, philosophy, English, history, math, and two interdisciplinary courses on truth and the common good. One service learning course is required, as is a moral theology capstone course for seniors. In addition, other core objectives are integrated into major-specific courses.

Undergraduate Programs

University of Providence offers undergraduate programs that prepare students for a variety of career paths, while also guiding them to a deeper understanding of the world and preparing them for success.  Explore these areas to discover more about each academic program, study abroad opportunities, the Corps of Discovery and more.

University of Providence professors are supportive advocates with great faith in their students. Here, students develop confidence to tap into their inner strength and explore their calling.

Graduate Programs

Graduate students at UP are challenged to achieve higher standards of excellence in their field and to strengthen personal values. They build lifelong connections with classmates and expert faculty mentors.

UP graduate programs are designed to accommodate working adults with courses primarily offered online. Relevant practical experiences can typically be arranged in the student’s local area, minimizing the need for travel during the courses of the program. See program details for more information about format and expectations.