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News & Info

University of Providence Presents Research Symposium

Date: May 1, 2017

Contact: Denise Czuprynski, (406) 791-5306

Great Falls, Montana—The second annual University of Providence Research Symposium takes place Tuesday, May 2, 2-4 p.m., in Providence Forum at the McLaughlin Center. This symposium showcases University of Providence students from multiple disciplines with their research projects and/or senior theses. Refreshments will be provided. The research projects are listed below.


1. Paige Bodner – Biology- Proximate Analysis of Tilapia Fish – Are you really what you eat?

2. Katelyn Duncan – Chemistry & Grace Ibsen – Chemistry- Oxidation of D-glucose and D-mannose

3. Magdalena Henning – Biology- Factors influencing people’s willingness to pay for veterinary services for pet dogs

4. Molly Herron – Biology- The effects of chronic cortisol exposure on the innate immune response of larval Danio rerio

5. Brynn Letang – Biology- Zebrafish Stress Synapse

6. Ashley Klepec – Biology & Madison Wilhelm – Biology- The effect of the Cluffy Wedge on the average vertical jump height of volleyball athletes

7. Mark Melton – Biology- Determining the Dispersal of Pollutants from a Mine

8. Alexis Rickets – Chemistry- Proximate Analysis of Fish Feed

9. Jessica Ream – Psychology- The Relationship of Athletic Injuries to Athletic Season

10. Steve Wolff – Art- Pursuing Light onto a Dynamic Landscape



1. Shelby Abeyta – Biology- Potential Improvements for the Parvovirus Vaccine and Its Effect on Domestic Dog and Wolf Populations

2. Darian Brillon – Biology- The Connection between Feline Vaccines and Post-vaccination Fibrosarcomas

3. Kyra Dorvall – Biology- Role of contact lens solutions in preventing Keratitis caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus

4. Ashley Driver – Biology- Effectiveness of Lower Limb Orthotics & Prosthetics

5. Jace Kalbfleisch – Biology- A Dry Needling Review

6. Nneka Nnadi – Biology- Mindfulness meditation: A treatment strategy for chronic low back pain in adults

7. Khaldoon Rashid – Biology- The Impact of Stress on Diabetes Mellitus

8. Morgan Robinson – Biology- The Development of a Dental Caries Vaccine

9. Christina Rubio – Biology- Assessing the Key Factors Influencing Population Decline of Southern Resident Killer Whales

10. Ashley Shepard – Biology- Equine Water Preference: Effects of Nitrate Presence

11. Leanne Smith – Biology- Increased Risk of Alzheimer’s with High-Fat Diet

12. Greg Sullivan – Biology- Helminths and Possible Uses for the Treatment of IBD and Asthma

13. Kalani Ulufale – Biology- Sex Based Differences in the Integrity of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament

14. Samuel Voigtlaender – Biology- Investigating the Relationship Between Caffeine Consumption and Alcohol and Substance Abuse


Class Projects

1. Jeniffer Herrera – Mathematics- Modeling the Population of Ireland From 1672 to 2011

2. Whitney George, Kayla Eikum, Anna Schmitz, and Kimberly Stanfield- The Effects of Personality on Memory

3. Colton Johns – Mathematics & Matthew Robb – Mathematics- Big Sky Conference Football Rankings

4. Jackie Thomas, Hannah Evans, Paige Thomas, and Salvatore Principe- The Effects of Gender on Eye Witness Testimony