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The Calling to Teach: University of Providence’s Education Degree

University of Providence’s (UP’s) Bachelor of Arts in Education Degree prepares students with methods, practices, and skills to teach and manage a classroom. From the very start of their education degree, students are immersed in interactive courses and dive deep into developing teaching skills. As students progress throughout their degree, they are connected to student-teaching opportunities, exposing them to the real-world setting.

The bachelor’s degree in education prepares students to feel confident in their skills, and upon graduation, they are quickly hired and ready to begin their professional teaching career.


Breakdown of University of Providence’s Education Program

UP’s Bachelor of Arts in Education includes two concentrations and endorsement areas: elementary education and health and physical education.

Elementary Education Concentration

The elementary education concentration includes a K-8 endorsement, which prepares students to become successful elementary and middle school teachers. Students seeking the elementary education route are provided thorough and balanced training in both teaching methods and content knowledge.

UP Professor teaching a classroom.

Elementary education students learn from a holistic curriculum. They develop skills to manage the learning environment in promoting positive and safe classrooms and have a well-rounded understanding and value of diversity (i.e., cultural backgrounds, learner skills, child development, mental health, exceptionalities, and more).

Health & Physical Education Concentration

With a health and physical education (HPE) concentration, students are prepared for a career as a physical education instructor or coach in the school system. The HPE concentration offers education majors a K-12 endorsement.

Students seeking the HPE route will learn a variety of movement strategies and create fitness programs to improve the overall wellness of grade school students.

The Overall Education Degree

Students who graduate with University of Providence’s Education Degree earn both their Bachelor of Arts in Education and a Montana Teaching License – receiving licensure will make it feasible for individuals to be certified in other states.


Who is this program ideal for?

This program is a great path for students who value education and feel a “call to teach.” Education majors usually have a passion to nurture and shape society’s next generation of professionals.

Students who select this degree path usually possess “the heart of a servant” characteristic and enjoy being role models and positive influencers. They are passionate and driven in sharing knowledge and helping others succeed at their academic level.


What skills will I learn as an education major?

As an elementary education major, students will learn the foundations to teach social studies, math, science, and English/Language Arts. As a health and physical education major, students will learn to teach K-12 students how to move their bodies and perform a variety of physical activities.

Skills You Will Learn
  • Active student learning
  • Classroom community building and management
  • Relationship building
  • Curriculum design
  • Assessment design and implementation
  • Content knowledge
  • Technology integration
  • Understanding trauma and using restorative circles based on indigenous practices
  • Effective communication skills
  • Honoring the dignity and worth of each child


A Couple of Takeaways

Students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in education are prepared to take on challenging and rewarding experiences that serve students, parents, the community, and the nation.

  • UP’s Education Program is very mindful of the increasing impact of trauma in the lives of children and teens. Acknowledging this, UP’s Education Majors foster an understanding of students’ vulnerabilities and are taught restorative practices throughout the curriculum. As part of their curricular content, education majors also have the opportunity to work with a group from the Office of Public Instruction, allowing UP students to get knowledge from the experts in the field.
  • A Bachelor of Arts in Education Degree at UP is easily transferrable. Although the State of Montana requires a more rigorous teaching certification, UP students will be properly equipped with the knowledge and skills to manage and teach a classroom. This said, students will be able to easily transfer their teaching certification to meet other state requirements. Students should always do their research to ensure they meet state teaching requirements.


Are you ready to take on your calling? Learn more about University of Providence’s Education Program.