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Nursing Careers: Jobs You Can Get With A BSN

Have you ever wondered what nursing careers will be available after graduating with your Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree?

While almost all BSN graduates will go on to seek licensure through NCLEX and serve as registered nurses, not all will end up working in busy hospitals or clinics. Today, registered nurse graduates can find new and exciting career opportunities across the healthcare continuum – including roles that work with specific populations, conditions, or specialties.


Nursing School Graduates Are Put On An Immediate Path To Obtaining A Nursing Career In The Healthcare System.

One of the many benefits of graduating from nursing school is that you can take the skills you learned and apply them across multiple nursing careers.

Not only do BSN graduates enter the field ready to apply their skills on day one – but graduating with a BSN opens the door for graduates to continue their education by earning additional educational or professional certifications, or advanced education such as a master’s or doctoral degree to pursue advanced nursing practice, nursing education or leadership.

But let’s not get ahead of things. While looking ahead to more advanced nursing careers may be something you’re interested in, it’s crucial to build up your experience as an RN.

Since RNs make up a large part of any healthcare institution, they are in high demand. Not only are nursing careers one of the highest employed fields in the healthcare industry but nursing has been consistently rated as one of the most trusted professions among Americans – further exemplifying the critical and valuable role nurses play in the lives of their patients and the healthcare system.


After Graduation, Many RNs Work In Hospital Nursing Units.

One of the most highly recognized places BSN graduates can find nursing careers is in a hospital, working in a nursing unit. Hospital nursing units are made up of RNs who work together in a specific wing, ward, or division of the hospital. A similar structure may also be applied to large clinics. While RNs who work in the emergency room (ER) may see more action than nurses in the intensive care unit (ICU), each must utilize the skills they learn in school to administer compassionate care.


Are Hospitals Not Your Speed? Take Your Skills To A Nursing Home Or A Long-Term Care Facility For A Different Nursing Experience.

Hospitals are not the only place RNs can find a nursing career. RNs who work in nursing homes or long-term care facilities engage in many of the same practices and use many of the same skills hospital nurses do but in a more controlled and personalized environment. Some examples of long-term nursing care responsibilities include administering on-site care to those unable to care for themselves due to old age, or disability, or for those who are recovering from serious injury or illness. Nurses who work in these facilities will have the opportunity to more closely connect with their patients, track and manage the progress of their health during their time in the facility.


BSN Graduates Can Secure Employment Working In Roles Like Hospice, Home Health, Or Palliative Care Roles.

Nursing careers in hospice, home health, or palliative care can provide a more compassionate alternative to the hustle and bustle of traditional RN roles. Roles within this discipline require nurses to have a high level of compassion and empathy, as well as the ability to provide quality care to patients with often complex and multifaceted medical needs. Common duties and responsibilities include the core nursing practices with an emphasis on helping patients and their loved ones navigate the end-of-life process with dignity and respect, providing more personalized care to patients in the comfort of their own homes or a facility, and manage pain and other symptoms or complications for patients with serious illnesses.


Nurses Can Also Find Employment Working In Clinics, Doctor’s Offices, Specialty Care Offices, Or Private Healthcare Practices.

Whether it’s a pediatrician’s office, primary care office, or specialty care office – nursing careers in these fields play a valuable role in caring for patients who visit clinics, doctors’ offices, and private practices. Nurses who serve in these roles can use their skills to ensure patients are well cared for and appropriately treated during their visit. Similar to a position in home health or long-term care, RNs who work in doctors’ offices can develop longer, meaningful connections with their patients, getting to know them and their health histories, allowing them to provide more personalized care.


Like Working With Kids? Consider Becoming A School Nurse.

Those who love working with kids or are seeking a nursing career in pediatrics can work in elementary, middle, and high schools as a nurse. Becoming a school nurse offers more than applying a bandage and sending students home if they are sick.

Parents and caretakers entrust school nurses to have the best interest of their kids at heart while they’re at school. As a school nurse, you will play a critical role in helping students who are injured, sick, or experiencing a medical issue while at school. Being a school nurse also has the added benefit of helping teach kids about health and safety in their daily lives.


Additional Nursing Career Opportunities

Although they’re not the only nursing careers BSN graduates can obtain after nursing school, these fields highlight the different career avenues and disciplines open to RNs seeking an alternative to working in a hospital setting. In addition to the roles listed, consider these potential nursing careers:

  • Pharmaceutical RN
  • Nurse Informaticist
  • Nurse Case Manager
  • Nurse Administration
  • Forensics Nurse


Serve Your Community As A Registered Nurse Today With A Bachelor of Science in Nursing From The University Of Providence.

The University of Providence offers three different BSN degree programs to help guide students toward a nursing career. BSN programs at the University of Providence teach foundational nursing principles, in-demand skills, and compassionate patient care. Explore three different nursing career paths available:


Traditional BSN

The Traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing Vander Werff Program, is UP’s first on-campus nursing program in Great Falls, MT. Our program offers recent high school graduates and transfer students with the opportunity to earn their BSN through a four-year private, Roman Catholic university open to all faiths and denominations. Students will first receive a foundational education in liberal arts, along with an advanced understanding of nursing practices taught through in-person lectures, nursing skill labs, clinical placements, and more. In addition, students will have access to a state-of-the-art simulation lab, designed to provide students with real-life hospital scenarios and patient care situations to best prepare students.

Online RN-BSN

Designed for already practicing registered nurses who have obtained an Associate Degree in Nursing, the Online RN-BSN program is perfect for registered nurses seeking their BSN. Designed for working professionals, the RN-BSN program is designed for completion by full-time, part-time, and third-shift workers, offering students the option to select from live online courses or asynchronous courses for additional flexibility. RN-BSN courses build off skills nurses already know, preparing them to deliver better care while opening the door to new nursing careers.

Accelerated BSN

The Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program is a one-year, all-inclusive nursing program for those seeking to transition into a nursing career. Accelerated BSN students must have a bachelor’s degree before enrollment and reside or live close to one of UP’s two Accelerated BSN site locations in Lewistown, MT, or Anchorage, AK. The Accelerated BSN program prepares students for licensure as RNs through a one-year intensive program that focuses on teaching in-demand nursing skills, principles, and foundational practice.


With Three Different BSN Programs To Choose From, UP Is Sure To Have A Program That Will Fit Your Current Needs.

If you’re looking to start, change or advance your nursing career with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, consider the impact one can have on your life and the lives of those you will care for. You can learn more about our nursing programs by visiting the nursing program page, where you can learn more about our Bachelor of Science in Nursing options, admissions requirements, and more.