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Managing Student Debt: UP’s Loan Repayment Assistance Program

The University of Providence offers undergraduate students a unique opportunity to relieve the burden of college debt.Are you worried about paying off your student debt?

At the University of Providence (UP), we are committed to finding opportunities that relieve the burden of paying off your college debt.

Students are often advised to avoid borrowing loans. However, a limited number of students can fully fund their college education with the assistance of scholarships, grants, and personal finances. Most individuals need to take out student loans to have their education secured. According to Education Data Initiative, there are 45.3-million borrowers and 92% of these borrowers have federal loan debt.

To alleviate financial concerns in repaying loans, UP created a partnership with Ardeo Education Solutions to create a Loan Repayment Assistance Program. Through our collaboration and partnership with MyLRAP, we offer an incredible program for students that no other Montana schools offer!

Our Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) can help first-time, new students repay loans after graduation. LRAP is also part of our Argo Advantage, which promises exceptional commitment to affordability, value, and student success.


How is the LRAP Award offered at UP?

Students must accept their LRAP Award through mylrap.org prior to starting their first undergraduate semester. To qualify for LRAP at UP, college undergraduates must be new, first-time (freshmen/first year) students.


How does LRAP work?

This program is offered at no cost to the student. Available for new, first-year undergraduates. Students need to start and graduate from UP without transferring to another institution between the years of completing a bachelor’s degree.

After graduating with an undergraduate degree, LRAP will help the student pay back undergraduate loans on a quarterly basis in the form of reimbursements and is calculated based on their income and time worked. If a student’s income after graduation is less than the required threshold according to the LRAP criteria, LRAP will help the student repay educational loans.

We want graduates to enjoy a peace of mind and confidently pursue their academic and professional goals without undue stress caused by student-loan debt.


What kinds of loans qualify for repayment?

Most undergraduate student loans qualify for repayment. We help college graduates pay back federal, private alternative, and even parent PLUS loans – at no cost to the student or student’s family.


Where can I find more information regarding LRAP?

You can contact UP’s Admissions Office to learn more about our LRAP Award qualifications or visit mylrap.org to review general information about the Loan Repayment Assistance Program.


What are the next steps?

At the University of Providence, we have numerous options to make a student’s college career affordable. Scholarships are the primary source of funding to assist students with meeting their educational costs. Many of our scholarship funds originate as gifts from individuals and corporations. In addition to institutional scholarships, our financial aid office reviews and accepts external scholarships and other federal aid.

Financial aid assistance is a key factor in attaining a post-secondary education, and the University of Providence is committed to providing opportunities for students. Please contact our financial aid office for more information.

Ready for the next chapter of your life? Contact our admissions office and take advantage of our LRAP program.