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New Year, New You! Here are 5 Reasons Why RNs Should Pursue Their BSN Degree!

It’s no surprise that the past year and a half have been full of challenges, heartbreak, and resilience. With over 800,000 COVID related deaths, nurses have seen the pandemic inflict pain and suffering to many, but have still risked their lives to stay committed to each and every one of their patients. Nursing has become more complex over the past decade and with ever changing protocols and growing challenges in healthcare, the need to meet those requirements can be met with a BSN degree.

  1. Higher Salary
    1. The visible advantage to being an RN with a BSN is higher pay. The entry level salary difference between RN vs. BSN is roughly a $3 difference per hour. That’s roughly $5,000/year. Additionally, nurses with both their associates and bachelor’s degrees can expect to earn a considerable income depending on factors such as location and cost of living.
    2. The salaries for those with a BSN reflect the demand for professionals with further experience in nursing.
  2. Expanded Employment Opportunities
    1. Many hospitals are shifting to hire nurses with a BSN or making a BSN mandatory within a certain time period after hiring an RN. With that said, nurses with their BSN can be a top candidate when applying to hospitals and healthcare facilities if they already hold their BSN.
    2. RNs who hold their BSN are significantly more prepared than those who do not have their BSN due to the extended teaching about data, evidence- based practices, and project implementation. Overall, employers prefer nurses with a BSN.
  3. Improved Patient Outcomes
    1. While all nurses have to complete the NCLEX licensing exam to become a nurse, this test is a multiple-choice test measuring minimal competencies for entry into the nursing profession. The exam lacks examining the technical skills needed to be a nurse. A BSN degree focuses on evidence-based practices and identifies quality and safety educational gaps.
    2. Evidence-base practices, data analysis, and use of quality improvements have a direct correlation with improved patient quality. These play a powerful role in healthcare reform and are important in reducing healthcare disparities in certain groups.
  4. Increased Autonomy
    1. Nurses have an increased responsibility in a healthcare setting. As a nurse who holds a BSN degree, you will hold greater autonomy over critical decisions within patient care. The ability to make critical decisions quickly without requiring another professional’s approval will benefit patient care and can lower mortality rates while improving patient satisfaction.
    2. Increased responsibility for nurses with a BSN will look like managing new health technologies, home healthcare decision making, post-op discernment, and coordinating comprehensive planning during patient stay.
  5. It’s Easy to Transition
    1. If you already have an active RN license and are looking to expand your career opportunities by earning your BSN, the University of Providence offers a flexible option to earn your BSN. Using a cohort-based model, nurses are expected to progress through the program by completing courses offered on a single day per week.
    2. The RN-BSN program focuses on evidence- based practice, leadership, and clinical experience to prepare nurses to care for patients while leading others.
    3. The University of Providence has a unique partnership with Providence Health who has approved a specific number of scholarships for qualified candidates, making the RN-BSN Program an affordable option for those looking to get their BSN.
    4. To find out more about this opportunity visit https://www.uprovidence.edu/academics/explore-programs/nursing/rn-bsn-completion-program/.