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Clinical Mental Health Student Fosters Change in Global Health

Global immersion and mental health counseling may not sound like they overlap, but for Brittn Grey, the power of transformation is what bridges the two together. Brittn Grey is the Executive Director of Global & Domestic Immersion Programs within the Community Partnerships Division at Providence Health and is a student at the University of Providence pursuing a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. With a strong background in global perspective and international emersion, Brittn has viewed life through the lens of connection, investment and respect. Her passion is apparent in her words, “As we open ourselves to the realities of an interconnected, global world, we move from nationalism to global citizenship and that is very much a part of the ethos of the program whether it’s at the international level, or at the local level, we know there are all kinds of boundaries and barriers that separate us from one another. We live in a polemical time within the US and a divided time globally. But as we break bread with our brothers and sisters in other countries where disparities are sharp and the burden of disease is even higher than it is in the US, I think that we’re really awakened to our calling of the common good.”

With a passion to foster and accelerate global and domestic health, Brittn chose to study Clinical Mental Health Counseling to help solidify this idea that the power of transformation is a key to change and transformation. While her interests bridge the gap between the two topics more than the fundamentals, the focus on clinical mental health continues to deepen and raise Brittn’s awareness of the holistic wellness of people and has pushed her to ask key questions that help to shape perspective in portfolio partnerships. From a personal standpoint, Brittn recognized that she has always cared deeply about mental health and this program has continued to mold her into who she is and how she relates with others. “In this past year, we’ve all navigated a landscape of ideological extremes, of political polarization, and my experience within the path of clinical mental health opens my eyes and reminds me to see how I can serve as a bridge, to see how I can listen more effectively, to see how I can move in a position of respect.”

Due to her dynamic role within Providence Health, Brittn considered several different programs for Mental Health Counseling and decided on the program at the University of Providence. With a hybrid model, a flexible schedule that allows for various pacing, and as an accredited program, there were clear touch points. But what solidified her decision was the connectivity between her profession and her school. Providence Health and University of Providence have a partnership in order to recognize its founding by the Sisters of Providence. “I’ve seen the professors in the program dive into, even in a virtual space, providing positive accompaniment and support, provocative questions to propel learning, and really care about student development and find ways to make that meaningful, tangible, and effective within the space.” Brittn is no stranger to a busy life and provided insight into what to consider before taking on a program like this. “Document and have a good grip on all of your accountabilities, responsibilities, and commitments. Talk with your family and work community about where you may need flexibility and how this commitment to your academic growth will help propel your professional growth. And keeping front and center the why of why you’re doing it and remembering the opportunities this opens, the doors this opens and the personal investment.” The Clinical Mental Health Program is one that has allowed Brittn to deepen her focus on mental health and raise her awareness to factors that continue to impact international communities.