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Joining a student organization at University of Providence is a great way to meet fellow students, make friends and round out the full college experience. Organization leaders host a club fair at the start of each fall semester to help new students learn about the many opportunities to get involved.

Contact Kelsey Anderson, the Coordinator of Student Activities at 406-791-5215 for more information.

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Active Organizations

Student Government

Mission: The greatest purpose of the organization is to act fair and just while representing the student body at the University of Providence. The purpose of the student Government is to ensure the student body is accurately represented as well as acting within the student body’s and University’s best interest. Student Government is also responsible for approval or denial of all funding request from any organization on campus that request funds during the school year.


Argo Impact

Mission: To report the events, of the University and outside community with honesty and integrity through student reporters. WE represent the student media group on campus.

Disability Awareness Club

Mission: To promote disability awareness and to advocate for greater accessibility for students, staff and faculty with physical disabilities on campus.

Forensic Science Club

Mission: To educate students and the community about Forensic Science in a fun and creative manner.

GLOW (Great Leaders, Outstanding Women)

Mission: To allow young women to expand their horizon within the school and community. To offer and respected environment for growth in relationship and leadership skills.

Man Club

Mission: To proliferate the presences of outstanding men at University of Providence, though stimulating and masculine discussions. As well as group bonding events and activities.


Mission: The purpose of the eSports club is to gather students, who have interest in competitive gaming. The main video game we will be playing is League of Legends and we wish to help both novices and advanced players to improve their skills

Chemistry Club

Mission: To bring students and faculty together who share a common interest in chemistry. Together we will explore, and discover

Campus Activity Board (CAB)

Mission: To bring new and exciting events to the University of Providence. We want the student body to get involved and have a fun filled college experience.

Chess Club

Mission: To play a strategic thinking game, and talk strategy with peers about chess. To bond and work with each other while playing this game.

Computer Science Club

Mission: To engage with students who have an interest in computer science and to help those students express their interest outside of the classroom through extracurricular activities and events.

Recycling Club

Mission: To encourage recycling at the University of Providence and Cascade County, through hard work and community involvement. We believe we can educate about the importance of recycling and positively influence our peers for a better foot forward.

Accountaholics Club

Mission: To serve Providence Students with the opportunity to teach, learn, and meet new friends through club activities. The focus of the club would be to create a fun and competitive environment for non-accounting and accounting majors to thrive in.

Exercise Science Club

Mission: To promote insights of various exercise science professionals, and tie those insights in with the local Great Falls community. Through intramurals, volunteer workshops, we can spread knowledge and promote exercise in multiple sports.

Law and Justice Club

Mission: To help students who are interested in fields relating to the criminal justice system and for social justice. Find career opportunities and gain valuable experience.

Photography Club

Mission: To learn, create memories and enhance the skills and abilities to use photography in a meaningful way.

Philosophy Club

Mission: To foster intellectual stimulation through polite discourse for the University of Providence students and community.
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Student Veterans Association (SVA)

Mission: To support all Veterans by providing them with support. We are here to give a helping hand. Whether it is listening, answering questions, assistance adjusting to civilian life or acting as representatives for issues they are unable to face. We are here for you, Battle Buddies, Wingmen, and Shipmates.

Providence Formation Program

Mission: A Co-Curricular service learning program that counters on service, community and spiritual formation, and helps students grow in the Providence core values of, respect, compassion, justice, excellence, and stewardship.

Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC)

Mission: The University of Providence SAAC promotes and maintains good sportsmanship, academic excellence, and involvement on campus as well as in the community. SAAC unites student athletes together and focuses on improvement to the athletic department through student perspectives while giving each student a voice in the NAIA, CCC, FCC, NIRA, MCLA, respectively.

Student Montana Education Association

Mission: To help prepare and advance the skills of future teachers, and build our professional development. To cooperate together with other students and staff in the education department. To Advocate for public education and provide awareness of schools and students who are in need of assistance. As well as to represent the education department at the University of Providence in a Professional manner.

Latter Day Saints Student Association

Mission: To gather Students who belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and all others interested in social justice and applying to continue.

Peer Health Educators

Mission: To Promote a healthy lifestyle to all University of Providence Students.

Sexual Assault Facts, Education, and Response (SAFER)

Mission: To promote the importance of Tile IV and program events that will educate students about sexual misconduct, how to avoid sexual misconduct and how to prevent sexual misconduct.
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Applications and Policies

Clubs and Organizations, and Student Event Policies

Policies and procedures for how to plan an event.

Clubs and Organizations Criteria.

Event Proposal Application

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Organizing an event related to a club or organization? Answer these short questions before beginning.

Student Organization Registration Application

  • Please check the appropriate description as listed on the previous registration.

  • General (Dues, involvement, service, etc.)
  • Please list Name, Officer Position, and Phone Number

Don’t see a particular club or organizations? Start a new one here!

University of Providence Poster Policy

  1. All posters must be stamped “approved” and dated by the Coordinator of Student Activities.
  2. If posters are hung in undesignated agrees they will be removed.
  3. Only one poster may be hung in each area.
  4. Please be courteous and do not hang posters on top of other posters.
  5. Do not put poster on windows, interior and exterior doors, and in restrooms.
  • FLYERS AND BROCHURES Cannot be Distributed on Cars or in Parking Areas.


BUILDING Number Allowed Rules
Art Building 1-Tacks Only on the bulletin board
Chapel 0 NO posters allowed
Any Housing Area 15 Drop 15 posters at housing office and email residential life to confirm. Not on any walls.
Library 1-Tacks Only on the bulletin board in the library entrance.
McLaughlin Center 2 -Tacks Bulletin boards- 1) By athletic office & 2) By Fitness center. Not on windows or doors.
Sullivan Hall 1-Tacks On bulletin board outside Room 209.
TRiO Center 1-Tape Ask Trio about posting on whiteboard outside center.
Science Building 1-Tacks Only on bulletin board at west entrance. Not on any walls.
Theater/Fine Arts Center 1-Tacks On bulletin board located in the middle of the hallway near bathrooms.
Student Center 3- Tacks May put on tables in the Cafeteria if Approved On bulletin boards located in the Student Center there are 3 bulletin boards. If you would like to put flyers on tables please ask Emily Phillips at the time of Stamp approval.

Looking to put up a poster? Make sure it follows these rules.

Privileges of Active Student Organizations and Clubs

Active Student Organizations and Clubs are entitled to:

  • Request funds through SGA
  • Request to use event space on campus
  • Have their Club or Organization listed on the University of Providence website
  • Request to sponsor programs or activities
  • Free flyer printing
  • Request to participate and have a booth at the annual Spook-a- Roo event on campus
  • Schedule consultations with the Coordinator of Student Activities for resources that include: club planning, idea planning, activities, supplies, event planning, and fundraising planning.
  • Request to fund-raise on campus
  • Guaranteed booth to represent your club at the Club Fair in the Fall and Spring semester

Each club gets a vote at the SGA meeting(s). One representative from each active club will be allowed to have a seat at the SGA meeting(s)

A rundown of all the benefits clubs and organizations enjoy at UP
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