Clubs and communities are varied as our students, and new groups form every year to reflect current interests. Joining one of these organizations is a great way to meet students, make friends and round out your University of Providence experience. Student leaders host a club fair at the start of each fall semester to help new students learn about the many opportunities to get involved. Contact the Student Development Office for more information at (406) 791-5215.


Argo Entrepreneurs

Mission: To lead other students in the ethical teaching of the principles of free enterprise and to enhance our community.

Argo Films Club

Mission: To be a creative facet through which the Argo community may channel its ideas and put them on film.

Argo Impact

Mission: To be a voice for all on campus, predominantly students. We are here to provide news and information as well as provide a forum for though that isn’t offered anywhere else on campus.

Art Club

Mission: To increase art awareness on campus and in the wider community.  To support each other to develop and create our best work.  To have fun celebrating art and artists and to learn as much as we can in the process.  To be productive art workers in the world to make the work richer and full of possibilities and to share the work of University of Providence art students.

Bowling Club

Mission: To give University of Providence students an opportunity to work on their bowling skills while also having a great time bowling. This is a time for students to take a break away from school work and enjoy time with their peers.

DisABILITY Awareness

Mission: To promote disability awareness and to advocate for greater accessibility for students, staff and faculty with physical disabilities on campus.

Forensic Science Club

Mission: To educate students and the community about Forensic Science in a fun and creative manner.

GLOW (Great Leaders, Outstanding Women)

Mission: To empower women to open their horizons through a platform of support and opportunities for leadership development both on and off campus.

Law and Justice Club

Mission: To promote the knowledge of criminal justice and the legal system. The club is designed to stimulate an active interest and awareness of criminal justice and legal affairs. It is our mission to produce opportunities for students to learn about the criminal justice and legal systems.

Man Club

Mission: That, through self-discovery, team building exercises, experiencing nature, and spiritual discovery, every member of our group will learn what it means to be a real man; a man that, when his feet hit the ground in the morning, the devil says, “Oh no…he’s up!”

Mission 2 Serve

Mission: To better the lives of those around our campus and community. By volunteering their time, members of the club will help to improve the lives of the less fortunate, as well as the community itself. Members will also improve their own lives by growing as people and building a strong community within the group.

NTSO (Non-Traditional Student Organization)

Mission: To provide support, friendship, and guidance to non-traditional students at University of Providence while encouraging them to become active in academic, social, and recreational opportunities on campus.

Outdoors Club

Mission: To expose students to the local wildlife, wilderness, and oudoor recreation available in the state of Montana while encouraging them to get involved with local conservation effort.

Peer Mentors (Upperclassmen)

Mission: To help incoming students transition into their first year of college. These upperclassmen are there to provide support, information, and guidance for student success in their first year at University of Providence.

Performing Arts Club

Mission: To enrich the lives of campus students through the creation of and participation in the performing arts.

Psychology Club

Mission: To be of service to students considering a career in mental health, and also to those in need in the community; this will include those with mental health issues and victims of violence.


Mission: To continue and broaden its community work such as working with a sister school, fundraising, and diverse outreach.

Veterans Club

Mission: To support all Veterans by providing them with peer on peer counseling. We are here to listen and give a helping hand. Whether it is listening, answering questions, assistance adjusting to civilian life or acting as representatives for issues they are unable to face. We are here for all of you, Battle Buddies, Wingmen and Shipmates.



Mission: To explore the history and technique of the visual art of writing.

Student Interest Programs

Argo Ambassadors

Description: Student leaders assisting Admissions with prospective students.

Argo Notes

Description: Glee Style music group

Campus Activities Board

Description: Student directed activities team.

Catholic Student Union

Mission: To discuss Catholic identity for students on campus, to work towards making the chapel and mass a place and time of prayer and community building, to provide guidance and support to Catholic scholars and for lowerclassmen, and to promote Catholic outreach and networking.

Debate Team

Description: For experienced and unexperienced debaters.


Description: Alternative sporting activities for small teams and individuals

Leading Ladies

Description: Female mentors hosting “ladies night” events and discussing girl code.