We are pleased to share with the April Strategy Execution status report with our campus community!  The report can be accessed online here. You will also see the April status report printed and posted on campus in various locations. If you think you have a great idea for where this should be posted, please reach out and let either Libby Shin or Mary Kate Eaton know.

All strategy execution workstreams made considerable progress in April.  The focus for all workstreams this past month was finalizing changes to metrics and establishing metric baselines and targets where possible.  All metrics updates and changes have been presented to the appropriate subcommittees of the board and approved.  The final step is for the Board of Trustees to approve the changes.  This is a planned consent agenda item at the May 3 Board of Trustees meeting.  We appreciate the insight, focus, and patience of our workstream committee members and other campus subject matter experts as we completed this foundational aspect of the strategy execution work.  These groups’ contributions to changes and updates to the strategic plan metrics strengthen our ability to measure impact.  The next phase of work for all workstreams will involve planning and implementing tactics to drive the university toward achievement of our strategic outcomes.