Providence Square

Why is Courage our Guiding Light?

Because the University of Providence was built on it.

The University of Providence was founded under the guiding principles of the Sisters of Providence: To serve those whose needs would otherwise go unmet. Our community is one where each and every member has something valuable to contribute. We welcome you to play your unique part in the ongoing mission of the University of Providence.

Thanks to you, we’re turning possibility into reality with courage as our guiding light.

Give to University of Providence and become a lasting positive force to the future of the college and the students who learn here. When you make a contribution to the University, we will honor you by listing your name on our  Alumni Campaign Donors, and also by extending an invitation to our annual Scholarship dinner, where we match donors to the student recipients.

Remember, no matter how you invest, you become a courageous leader in the future of the University of Providence. Donate, today.