Distinguished Alumni

Each year during the university’s commencement ceremony we recognize an alumnus/a who remains loyal to the university and supports our mission. This year was a special circumstance! The 2018 recipient of the Distinguished Alumni Award goes to the Class of 2018. They all started off their college careers as University of Great Falls students, and they overcame all the changes and obstacles in order to become the first graduating class of UP.

The Class of 2018 consisted of nearly 80 Montana students and nearly 270 students from 20 other states. A number of international students from Germany, England, Mexico, Denmark, Canada, and Slovakia walked at Commencement as well.

Congratulations to the Class of 2018 and welcome to our alumni family!

Alumni Spotlight

Chris Christiaens

Major: Chemistry, Class of 1962; Master of Human Services, Class of 1994

As a student and graduate of the College of Great Falls, I was exposed to community service and became involved early on working with minorities in our community and across the state. I learned that to those who are given much, should return the same to their community and those in need. In light of those experiences, I returned to the University of Great Falls to complete a Master of Human Services degree.

I now serve on several local boards and started a program called Opening Doors in 1995, assisting individuals returning to the community from jails and prison with the essentials to enhance their success. I continually give thanks to the outstanding faculty during my time on campus.

Ensuring a Bright Future for the Students of University of Providence 

We thank all of our alumni who have made contributions to the University of Providence.

Thank you for your support!