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Contact: Sean McGuire at 406.403.9224

GREAT FALLS, MONTANA – The University of Providence Performing Arts Center (formerly UGF) is excited to announce a second round of auditions for their winter production, The Cherry Orchard. Anyone from the community or Malmstrom Air Force Base can audition for FREE; you do not have to be a student or an employee of the University of Providence. The play will be performed Feb. 9-17, 2018.

What: Open casting for The Cherry Orchard at University of Providence
Where: University of Providence Performing Arts Building
1301 20th Street South
Great Falls, Montana 59405
When: Auditions – Nov. 12, 7-9 p.m.
Performance – Feb. 9-17

The Cherry Orchard was written in 1903 by Anton Chekov, a legendary Russian playwright. The play is set on the estate of Lyubov Andreyevna Ranyevskay, who just returned from living abroad in Paris with her daughter Anya. The play centers on the foreclosure, impending auction, and sale of the estate. Chekov wrote the play as a farcical comedy, hitting difficult subject matter such as wealth/class differences, obsession with the new and old, unrequited love in several forms, and the inability to change one’s nature even while knowing it is a detriment to yourself and those around you.

Auditions take place on Sunday, Nov. 12, 7-9 p.m., to cast seven male roles and five female roles, as well as two to four swings/ensemble members. Those auditioning should prepare a one-minute monologue from any play written after the year 1837. Sample monologues are available at auditions for those who don’t have one. There will also be cold reads from the script.


Ranyevskay, Lyubov Andreyevna “Lyuba”: the owner of the cherry orchard. Mother to Anya and adoptive mother to Varya. Looking to cast a woman that expresses the warm nature of womanhood with an acting range of 35-55 years old.

Anya: daughter of Lyuba, acting range of 17 years old.

Varya: adopted daughter of Lyuba, acting range of 24 years old.

Gayev: Lyuba’s brother, a mature graceful gentleman, with an acting range of 45-60.

Lopakhin: A wealthy, energetic merchant who rose out of serfdom, with an acting range of 30-45.

Trofimov: a former tutor of Lyuba’s deceased son, an idealist with an acting range of 25-35.

Pishchik: Neighboring landowner, heavily in debt, with an acting range of 45-65.

Yepikhodov: clerk on the Ranyevskay estate, physically comedic, acting age range 25-45.

Dunyasha: Maid on the Ranyevskay estate, acting range of 18-35.

Firs: A footman who used to be a serf, ignores his freedom, must age to 87.

Yasha: A young footman, thinks highly of himself, acting range of 18-30.

Two to four ensemble members/swings: must be at least a junior in high school, and able to attend rehearsals as late as 10 p.m. at night

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