Admissions and student services at the University of Providence are about connecting people seeking a high quality, faith-based, and transformative education experience with the opportunities at UP, and supporting those learners on their educational journey. We’re telling the Argo story in as many places as we can, and to as many people as we can. (See our invitation for your assistance with that elsewhere in this newsletter!)

In addition to personal connections through high school visits, national and regional college fairs and campus visit events, the admissions team also reaches out through mail, email, texts, and phone calls to tens of thousands of potential students in Montana, West Coast, and the Rocky Mountain West. College admission is a very competitive world these days, as the number of students graduating from high school has declined and universities are vying to enroll a smaller pool of available students. You might be surprised to know that the University of Providence reached out to more than 75,000 high schoolers this past year through our search campaigns. We also connected with the network of 120,000 Providence St. Joseph Health employees to let them know about new online programs in the School of Health Professions, and campus programs for their sons and daughters who may want to consider the university.

Our strategic plan calls for significant enrollment growth over the next five years. We intend to build our enrollment in both traditional and online programs while maintaining our small, personal campus environment. One way we hope to attract more students is through the Argo Advantage, which is a set of University of Providence commitments to student success. The Argo Advantage includes a loan repayment assistance program, an on-time graduation guarantee, and career preparation with additional professional resources for those who haven’t found a job within six months of graduation. It’s our investment to support students as they reach higher to meet their goals at UP.

Thank you to alumni who have shared their Argo stories along with personal and career highlights! Your success and enthusiasm for your alma mater helps potential new Argos envision themselves here.