Education, like life, is a journey. It involves people and places, living and learning. Each individual’s journey includes a variety of paths that foster experiences, challenges, dreams, and reflections. The journey of life and the discovery of potential continue at the University of Providence.

Each scholarship donation helps to foster transformative educational opportunities for students at the University of Providence. A scholarship assists a student to achieve the UP Mission focused life-changing education for living and making a living.

Scholarship Types

  1. General Scholarships – The scholarship contribution is added to the general scholarship fund. Each year available funds are distributed to for student scholarships.

Example: The Courage Scholarship

  1. Annual Scholarships – The scholarship contribution is named and given annually from the donor or donors. The scholarship fund reflects a donor’s (or a group of donors) commitment to support a student scholarship (with specified donor criteria and scholarship amount) for a specific number of years or until funds are spent.

Example: Dennis & Phyllis Washington Foundation Scholarship

  1. Endowed Scholarships – The permanently restricted scholarship contribution must be *$25K or more, is named by donor, and has donor specified application criteria (i.e. athletics, academics, GPA, any UP student, etc.).

*The initial principle ($25K or more) must be invested/managed for one full fiscal year (July 1 – June 30) before annual interest distributions are awarded for scholarship(s).

Example: Signori Family Endowed Scholarship

Philanthropy is essential to the financial health and sustainable growth of the University of Providence. It’s never been easier to give back to your university.