What makes University of Providence unique?

Theatre is something you love, something you are passionate about, something you want to pursue. However, most theatre programs only focus on teaching the art and leave their graduates ill-prepared to understand how to go about building their career in the arts.

At the University of Providence, through combining a strong business education with theatrical training, you will learn to treat your career like the entrepreneurial business that it is. You will also develop a solid understanding of the unique skills you can bring to the traditional work force if you decide that a career as an artist is ultimately not for you.

We will focus on developing your skills and perseverance to search for opportunities to practice and showcase your talents. We will do everything possible to build your competitive mindset while at the same time fostering the spirit of teamwork needed in this field. If you wish to pursue a more traditional route of employment, we will highlight all of the different ways your skills can make you a desirable addition to another business’ team.

Learning Objectives

The curriculum is designed to build up both artistic skills and business skills. Entrepreneurial skills are essential for the aspiring Theatre artist. Businesses crave the creativity and resourcefulness of Theatre students. This major will prepare them for whichever world they wish to make their career in.

Students will study a broad range of topics in theatre including acting, technical theatre, writing, directing and devised works. The creative portion concludes with a creative senior project of the student’s choosing.

The business portion consists of a five course series design to cover the basic needs of the artist as a business person. The students will move through accounting and budgeting to contract law, arts and entertainment economics, the art of pitching projects to organizations, investors and collaborators and finally conclude their senior year by putting together a five-year plan for the start of their career.

Career Preparation

Students need to understand the value of their unique creative skills. They will leave this program able to persuade someone of this value in a traditional job interview and through their cover letter. Upon graduation, students also will have a personal marketing plan and be able to analyze a traditional business plan. Our graduates learn how to apply their creative talents to a job they are applying for, and how best to market those talents to future employers.


Theatre and Business Arts




Michael Gilboe