What makes University of Providence unique?

At the University of Providence, the special education program leads to Montana certification as a K-12 generalist teaching endorsement in special education, which is seeing reciprocity in many states. Graduates of this program are highly recruited out of student teaching and often have teaching offers before they finish the program. The program emphasizes real-world applications of theory and thoroughly prepares students to meet the needs of a wide variety of students. Real-life interaction with teachers of students with special needs, as well as the students, is a cornerstone to this program. 150 hours of clinical fieldwork in a special education classroom is the norm for this major as well as 10 weeks of specialized student teaching.

The program is designed for busy professionals as well as traditional students. This is a hybrid program, blending evening live classes which are also live-streamed for distance students, with asynchronous on-line courses. The program is designed to be completed in four semesters part-time and easily accommodates teachers who want to add this endorsement to their license while holding down another position.

Program Objectives

  1. Pedagogy: Students will design coherent instruction grounded in P-12 content standards and best practices that develops student competence in subject matter and skills.
  2. Learning Environment: Students will manage the learning environment to promote positive and safe classrooms, active learner engagement, and high quality instruction.
  3. Diversity: Students will use knowledge about child development, learning theories, culture, exceptionalities, and learner skills and proficiencies to create appropriate instruction that leads to student growth.
  4. Dispositions: Students will consistently exhibit ethical and professional behavior to advance collaboration, reflection and communication with and among students, colleagues, and the community.
  5. Technology: Students will know and utilize technology to support teaching and learning in the classroom.
  6. Content: Students will demonstrate accurate discipline content knowledge and utilize it to design appropriate P-12 instruction and assessment of growth.

Career Preparation

In the coming decade of increasing school-age population, the demand for special education teachers promises to be even greater. Not only can prospective teachers of exceptional individuals expect a wide choice of positions and feel justifiable pride in being on the cutting edge of the teaching profession, but they can also experience the satisfaction of demonstrably aiding children whom others cannot help. Considered a high-need teaching field in all states, significant loan forgiveness is also available for special education teachers.


B.A. in Special Education and either Elementary Education or Secondary Education

Student Story

“The UP Education Department gave me an experience that has allowed me to pursue my dream. Because of the wonderful staff, timeless effort from professors like Angel Turoski, and the amazing small group experiences, I was able to reach my goal of being a teacher and coach at Billings Senior High.”
Josh Beeman


Angel Turoski


Student Handbook