What makes our program unique?

Sociology is concerned with human interaction, the social nature of human beings, and human coexistence among varying kinds of groups. The sociology program offers an integrated approach to the study of human social behavior. Through the concepts of self and roles, social institutions, the community, family, and social and cultural heritage, the group behavior of humans is studied. Students obtain a solid grounding in theory as well as skill-based education from experiential learning opportunities.

The sociology program is also offered in the online setting, making it flexible and responsive to the individual student.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn to:

  1. Develop theoretically, socially, and ethically responsible questions about how society operates.
  2. Formulate and assess theoretically, socially, and ethically responsible solutions to social problems to advance social justice and the common good.
  3. Develop an ethical/moral mindset for studying society.
  4. Demonstrate analytical skills.
  5. Describe how social institutions impact society.
  6. 6. Explain the difference between public issues and personal problems.

Career Preparation

Graduates with a sociology background can find employment in many sectors, including business, agricultural organizations, labor relations, criminal justice, human services, and social work. Many students enter graduate school. Recent graduates have entered law school and master degree programs in family counseling and sociology. No one “professional title” explains the job of a well-prepared sociology graduate, since employment opportunities exist within a multitude of fields.

Career opportunities include:
  • Business
  • Labor Relations
  • Human Services
  • Counseling
  • Agricultural Organizations
  • Criminal Justice
  • Social Work


Bachelor of Arts in Sociology




Sociology minor is offered


General Concentration
Criminology Concetration
Social Ecology Concentration
Social Justice Concentration


Greg Madson
Deanna Koepke
Michael Low