What makes University of Providence unique?

Teaching high school offers many pathways for those interested in specific content disciplines to share that love with young people. Mentoring young people and changing lives is what teachers do best.

The secondary education program at University of Providence prepares prospective secondary teachers to teach in a wide variety of teaching locales. Our candidates begin working in secondary schools as freshman and take courses that allow them to apply what they are learning directly to real-life secondary classrooms every year they are in college.

UP offers teaching majors in eight areas identified as high need teaching areas, where there has been an indication of a shortage of qualified teacher candidates.

Because, the Montana Office of Public Instruction requires that secondary education majors have a teachable major and minor in order to be licensed or an extended major, only specific majors and minors are defined as teachable by the state. Classes vary greatly with the different teachable majors, so speak with an education advisor as soon as possible for accurate class information.

Program Objectives

  1. Pedagogy: Students will design coherent instruction grounded in 5-12 content standards and best practices that develops student competence in subject matter and skills.
  2. Learning Environment: Students will manage the learning environment to promote positive and safe classrooms, active learner engagement, and high quality instruction.
  3. Diversity: Students will use knowledge about child development, learning theories, culture, exceptionalities, and learner skills and proficiencies to create appropriate instruction that leads to student growth.
  4. Dispositions: Students will consistently exhibit ethical and professional behavior to advance collaboration, reflection and communication with and among students, colleagues, and the community.
  5. Technology: Students will know and utilize technology to support teaching and learning in the classroom.
  6. Content: Students will demonstrate accurate discipline content knowledge and utilize it to design appropriate 5-12 instruction and assessment of growth.

Career Preparation

Many of our graduates are heavily recruited by secondary schools around the region because they are well-rounded and highly motivated teachers who often have multiple endorsement areas and are willing to coach.

STEM teachers are among the highest need areas in teaching, and the secondary education program at the University of Providence offers teaching endorsements in many of those areas.


B.A. in Secondary Education
Plus the opportunity to double major in your content area.

Approved Majors

Broad Field Science
Broad Field Social Studies
English for secondary education
Health and Physical Education
Mathematics for secondary education
Special Education

Approved Minors

English for secondary education
Health and Physical Education
Mathematics for secondary education
Political Science

Student Story

“UP provided me an excellent education in secondary and special education through small classes and individualized instruction. The training I received provided me with the skills and necessary experience needed to start a career in teaching and education, both in the US and abroad.”
Melia Dunn


Meredith Berthelson
Karen Lee
Leslie Lott
Tom Raunig
Angel Turoski


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