What makes our program unique?

The University of Providence offers students a pre-law program that includes pre-law advisement and assistance in law school admission. No particular course of study serves as a prerequisite for admission to law school. Present-day law students have undergraduate degrees in history, English, business, science, paralegal studies, and a host of other disciplines.

However, some broad general recommendations about college preparation for law school are useful. The pre-law program places emphasis on the development of scholarly skills and insights rather than the mastery of a prescribed subject.

Students are also invited to join the pre-law Club, which is designed to provide students with information about law schools, entrance exams, and career opportunities in the field of law. Students also participate in law-related service projects.

Learning Objectives

The pre-law program strives to assist each student to tailor a program of study that focuses on their strengths and prepares them to succeed in law school. Pre-Law students are advised to take classes that will develop their communication and critical thinking skills.

Students gain knowledge in communication skills, social understanding, and creative critical thinking.

Career Preparation

Each pre-law student will be assigned a pre-law advisor in addition to an advisor in their major. The pre-law advisor assists students in evaluating their interest in law and helps them make proper preparations to be advantageously positioned to enter the law school of their choice.


Deborah Kottel