What makes our program unique?

The mathematics program at the University of Providence is designed to provide the students with a thorough foundation in all of the fundamental areas of modern mathematics. The math majors will gain a competitive set of skills in a supportive environment. The university’s small class size allows for a math seminar format which creates an atmosphere of shared learning among students and the instructor.

Mathematics as a discipline has universal applicability. Mathematics is a science created to understand the nature and the use of natural phenomena to improve human life. It is the simplest systematic discipline that human beings have created.

As the world becomes increasingly quantitative, those individuals with a math degree or a strong background in math will play a lead role in the research and application of policies affecting everyone’s lives.

A mathematics degree is one of the most flexible areas of study as it prepares the mind for the types of reasoning skills that are valuable in all walks of life. Organizations, from local to multi-national, depend more and more on quantitative reasoning and mathematical models to help solve their problems.

Learning Objectives

  1. Students will develop an in-depth integrated knowledge in algebraic and analytical subject areas.
  2. Students will be able to communicate mathematical ideas and present mathematical arguments both in writing and orally using proper mathematical notation and terminology.
  3. Students will be able to distinguish coherent mathematical arguments from erroneous ones, and to construct rigorous arguments of previously seen or closely-related proofs.
  4. Students will be able to recognize and solve previously seen or closely-related problems.
  5. Students will be able to adapt previously learned definitions, theorems, and techniques to solve problems they haven’t seen before.
  6. Students will be able to synthesize material from multiple perspectives and make connections with other areas.
  7. Students will be able to identify and use technology appropriate to each topic.

Career Preparation

Mathematics is extremely adaptable and opens many career doors. The ability to apply analytic skills and work in a problem-solving environment is crucial. A major in mathematics prepares graduates for careers in a variety of fields such as natural sciences, law, computer science, medicine, economics, education and business or government. Future employers and professional graduate schools look upon a mathematics degree, or strong background in mathematics, as an extremely valuable asset.

Students interested in teaching at the secondary level (middle/high school) also have the opportunity to seek a degree in mathematics education. This degree needs to be accompanied with a second major in secondary education through the education department at UP. This degree with usher students through the Teacher Education Program culminating in licensure by the state.


Bachelor of Science in Mathematics



Other Opportunities

Undergraduate Math Colloquium Usually a feature of graduate school, the University of Providence has established a student led colloquium. This gives math students an opportunity to present work done in and outside of the classroom. This is helpful tool for career development in the ability to communicate mathematical ideas to both a general and a math focused audience.

Math Major Teaching Internship Upper division mathematics majors (of any track) with a good academic record are eligible to apply for this unique opportunity to teach for credit – in a real UP class dealing with fundamentals of algebra.  When you get this “gig” it means the department trusts you to be at the head of the class: surely something that prospective employers and graduate schools will be interested to know.

Math Club The math faculties at UP utilize the Math Club to give presentations on relevant ideas or important topics to both math majors or students who express interest in the areas. Topics such as NSF GRFP preparation, calculator assistance, graduate school prep, LaTex coding and other fun topics like Flatland.

Math Center The University of Providence has an area where students can get help on their math homework. This also gives students who are math majors the opportunity to become a tutor. Math can often times be a daunting task for many and UP wants our students to be successful by offering a place to ease those fears.

Amazing Math Race Hosted by the math department, math students engage groups of their peers on campus in math related puzzles through a course designed like the TV show, The Amazing Race.

Student Stories

“I have learned that the study of mathematics requires the ability to extract and organize information, to reason and argue logically, to employ effective problem-solving strategies, and to communicate ideas…in a well-organized and precise fashion.”

“It was very evident that the faculty was available, taking joy in actively working with individual students.”

“One of the highlights of the Math program was the help from the professors. They were always available to help any students to the best of their abilities.”


Mike Antila
Meredith Hecker (Berthelson), PhD
Stephen Muir