The mathematics program at the University of Providence is designed to provide students with an opportunity to develop their reasoning powers and problem solving skills. The goal of the program is to graduate students who are capable of logical thinking, independent research, and analysis. This goal is achieved by directing each student in a systematic study of mathematics. The University’s small class size allows for a math seminar format which creates an atmosphere of shared learning among students and the instructor.

Other than one’s native language, mathematics is critical to success in more fields than any other discipline. A mathematics degree is one of the most flexible areas of study as it prepares the mind for the types of reasoning skills that are valuable in all walks of life.

As the world becomes increasingly quantitative, those individuals with a math degree or a strong background in math will play a lead role in the research and application of policies affecting everyone’s lives. Organizations, from local to multi-national, depend more and more on quantitative reasoning and mathematical models to help solve their problems.

Career Preparation

Mathematics is extremely adaptable and opens many career doors. The ability to apply analytic skills and work in a problem-solving environment is crucial in a variety of fields such as natural sciences, law, computer science, medicine, economics, and business. Future employers and professional graduate schools look upon a mathematics degree, or strong background in mathematics, as an extremely valuable asset.

The program of study leading to the baccalaureate degree in mathematics at the University of Providence offers students an excellent foundation for any career field. A major in mathematics paired with an appropriate minor or second major prepares graduates for careers in business, industry, education, or government. Recent graduates have jobs in fields as diverse as teaching, banking, and the military.


Student Stories

“…I have learned that the study of mathematics requires the ability to extract and organize information, to reason and argue logically, to employ effective problem-solving strategies, and to communicate ideas…in a well organized and precise fashion.”

“…it was very evident that the faculty was available, taking joy in actively working with individual students.”

Graduate Stories

“The small learning community at the University of Providence allowed the faculty to work closely with students in a variety of formats, ranging from lectures to intimate seminars. “

“The most unique component of the mathematics program at the University of Providence is the opportunity for students to actually teach their peers university-level mathematics in a classroom setting.”