What makes University of Providence unique?

By fostering the intellectual arts of reading and writing, UP’s English program emphasizes the humanizing influences of the past and present so that students are prepared for their futures. Caring, professionally active faculty steer English majors toward individual excellence in the fields of literature and rhetoric. Students who major in English strongly enhance their analytical abilities in both written and oral expression. In learning how to master the English language, students hone their talents toward being impactful thinkers, artists, communicators and professionals.

English major and minor Program Objectives

  1. Students will engage with questions central to the study of literary art such as its place within a culture and our criteria for appreciation, judgment and interpretation.
  2. Students will employ a variety of approaches—formal, linguistic, historical, and theoretical—to critically read a wide range of texts.
  3. Alone and collaboratively, students will creatively express ideas in writing and speech by using various strategies of invention, organization, revision, editing and publication for at least two of the following audiences: classmates, the scholarly community, professionals and the public.
  4. Students will identify and respectfully engage with challenging questions and with diverse perspectives, both minority and majority, that are presented by literary works.

Career Preparation

Communication—reading, writing, and speaking—is a fundamental element of the human experience. In annual national surveys, employers repeatedly stress that top-tier job applicants have effective communication skills. English graduates develop these impactful communication skills throughout an array of specialized English courses at University of Providence. UP English majors practice writing and speaking strategies in their courses—but additionally, they develop the art of critical reading. These reading skills can extend from the written text into the broader workplace, giving students an advantage in the boardroom, courtroom or classroom. By practicing high level analysis and expression, UP English graduates become equipped to succeed in a wide variety of advanced studies and careers.

Potential career opportunities include:
  • Business
  • Education
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Law
  • Professional Writing
  • Publishing


Bachelor of Arts in English




English Minor Offered


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