What makes University of Providence unique?

The English program emphasizes through literature and composition the distinctly humanizing influences of the past and present. Students majoring in English will strongly enhance their analytical abilities in both written and oral expression.

Learning Objectives

Students will learn to:

  1. Creatively express original ideas in writing and speech through presentation of at least two of the following products: oral interpretation; writing poetry, fiction, or memoir; designing hypermedia.
  2. Develop and complete effective written products, alone and collaboratively, by using various strategies of invention, organization, revision, editing, and publication for at least two of the following audiences: classmates, the University community, professionals, and the public.
  3. Develop criteria and evaluate from a personal perspective, in written or oral form, any work of literature in English for various audiences, including scholars, the public, and children.
  4. Analyze and evaluate any work of literature by applying a variety of literary critical approaches, including but not limited to historicism, formalism, reader-response, feminism, Marxism, and deconstruction.
  5. Explicate in written and oral forms passages from traditional and non-traditional works of poetry, drama, fiction, film, and non-fiction prose.
  6. Objectively analyze language by examining the grammatical, phonetic, semantic, and historical characteristics of the language.
  7. Explain the different religious and spiritual foundations of human actions as represented in literary works, recognizing and discussing diverse perspectives, both majority and minority.

Career Preparation

English graduates develop valuable skills and abilities for careers in business, communications, education, law, public relations, and many other fields. A degree in English prepares the student for a wide variety of careers and for advanced studies in numerous fields.

Potential career opportunities include:
  • Business
  • Education
  • Public Relations
  • Communications
  • Law
  • Professional Writing


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