What makes University of Providence unique?

For the person who likes children, few career options offer more challenging and rewarding opportunities than elementary teaching. Nurturing the learning of grade school children serves not only children, but their parents and society as well. Elementary teachers must receive sound preparation to be prepared for opportunities to influence the lives of others so profoundly.

The program at the University of Providence prepares prospective elementary teachers for successful teaching at kindergarten through 8th grade levels by providing thorough and balanced education in both teaching methods and content knowledge. Many of our graduates are heavily recruited by schools around the region because they are well-rounded and highly motivated teachers. Our candidates begin working in elementary classrooms as freshmen and take courses that allow them to apply what they are learning directly to real-life elementary classrooms every year they are in college.

Elementary Education majors can add concentrations to their major to open options up for teaching middle school. Concentration options are art, communication arts, health and physical education, mathematics and special education. 

Program Objectives

  1. Pedagogy: Students will design coherent instruction grounded in K-8 content standards and best practices that develops student competence in subject matter and skills.
  2. Learning Environment: Students will manage the learning environment to promote positive and safe classrooms, active learner engagement, and high quality instruction.
  3. Diversity: Students will use knowledge about child development, learning theories, culture, exceptionalities, and learner skills and proficiencies to create appropriate instruction that leads to student growth.
  4. Dispositions: Students will consistently exhibit ethical and professional behavior to advance collaboration, reflection and communication with and among students, colleagues, and the community.
  5. Technology: Students will know and utilize technology to support teaching and learning in the classroom.
  6. Content: Students will demonstrate accurate discipline content knowledge and utilize it to design appropriate K-8 instruction and assessment of growth.

Career Preparation

There is a steady demand for elementary teachers in all states, however, elementary teachers are designated a high need teaching area in Idaho and Wyoming. The demand in those states is high now and continues to look high in trending educational data. This designation makes elementary teachers in high need schools in those states eligible for many federal programs to pay back student loans.


Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education

Student Story

“UP has taught me patience, understanding, and experience. I knew I wanted to teach for as long as I can remember. The small class sizes allowed for more direct and personalized instruction. I had instructors who truly cared about me and my success.”
Samantha Kramer


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Karen Lee


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