What makes University of Providence unique?

The education program at the University of Providence is one of a kind. At the University of Providence, you are more than a face in the crowd; every professor knows your name and takes a personal interest in your success in the program. Our professors notice if you are gone from class, they notice if you are struggling in a specific area, and they take the time to help you through any challenges you may have. They want you to succeed and excel both inside and outside the classroom.

The education program balances theory and practice; encouraging you to think outside of the box and making you more effective as a teacher upon graduation. Each student is required to complete 161 hours of clinical integrated experience, a hands-on, in-the-classroom field experience that falls within your major. Providing real-world views of teaching is important for our candidates, so our program incorporates a total of 720 hours in the K-12 classroom before graduation. As a University of Providence graduate, you will be ready and qualified to teach directly out of college.

Program Objectives

  1. Pedagogy: Students will design coherent instruction grounded in K-8 content standards and best practices that develops student competence in subject matter and skills.
  2. Learning Environment: Students will manage the learning environment to promote positive and safe classrooms, active learner engagement, and high quality instruction.
  3. Diversity: Students will use knowledge about child development, learning theories, culture, exceptionalities, and learner skills and proficiencies to create appropriate instruction that leads to student growth.
  4. Dispositions: Students will consistently exhibit ethical and professional behavior to advance collaboration, reflection and communication with and among students, colleagues, and the community.
  5. Technology: Students will know and utilize technology to support teaching and learning in the classroom.
  6. Content: Students will demonstrate accurate discipline content knowledge and utilize it to design appropriate K-8 instruction and assessment of growth.

Career Preparation

Teaching jobs are expected to continue to increase for the foreseeable job. Candidates have an 87% placement rate from this program.

Degree Opportunities

Elementary Education
Secondary Education
Special Education


Only available with elementary education degree.

Communication Artts
Special Education
Health and Physical Education


English for Secondary Education
Health and Physical Education
Math for Secondary Education
Political Science

Student Story

“I firmly believe that UP helped me get where I am today. The professors are classroom educators who know what the reality of the classroom is. They mentally and physically prepare you for the classroom. They have a great student teaching program that offers guidance and support in real classrooms. I am so thankful for the education I received. It prepared me for every step that comes with being a teacher, administrator and now private day school owner. I am forever grateful.”
Michelle Rhoads-Harris

Alumni Achievements

  • Corri Smith named 2009 Indian Educator of the Year
  • Joshua Beeman, 2012 recipient of the Montana Regional Education Service Area III Awards
  • Joshua Beeman, Winter 2016 Coach of the Year by Montana Coaches Association
  • Ruth Uecker, 2017 Adrian Langstaff Award recipient
  • Susan Crocker, 2011-2012 Teacher Awards Nation’s Top Certified Teachers


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