What makes our program unique?

The university offers a leading edge major in computer science emphasizing the field of informatics—the way in which organizations employ computers to manage information.

Students at the university learn while working closely in small classes with faculty who not only have extensive academic preparation but who have also worked extensively in the subject areas they teach. Students enrolling in Computer Science at the university will learn the latest concepts in programming, security, networking, systems analysis, and data management

Learning Objectives

The computer science program prepares students to write software, to protect the valuable information assets of organizations, to build the systems that use information, to define how organizations structure data, to build the networks that connect people and the world, and to be the leaders who make sure that organizations can keep and can access the data that makes them run.

Career Preparation

University of Providence computer science students have consistently demonstrated success in their professional careers. Many have been successful with industry leaders such as Novell and Intel. Many have successfully obtained advanced degrees in Information Systems, Computer Science, and Business Administration. Others have performed consistently well on professional certifying exams.  The major includes specialization concentrations affording students the opportunity to specialize in important fields such as networking and security


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Computer Science, with specialization concentrations available in networking and security


A minor in Computer Science gives students an understanding of the role computer science plays in the computing world today. The Computer Science minor compliments many majors, as it enables students to better to connect computing systems with the world today.


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Jim Gretch
Lyndon Marshall