Pre-Physical and Pre-Occupational Therapy are offered within the Biology department. Click here for additional department information. 


Required Classes for a Biology Major

BIO 151 General Biology I
BIO 152 General Biology II
BIO 200 Ecology
BIO 221 Cell and Molecular Biology
BIO 311 Genetics
BIO 499 Senior Thesis
CHM 111 General Chemistry I
CHM 112 General Chemistry II
CHM 261 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 262 Organic Chemistry II
MTH 241 Calculus I
MTH 252 Statistical Methods for the Sciences

Physiology Concentration Requirements

BIO 251 Anatomy & Physiology I AND
BIO 252 Anatomy & Physiology II
CHM 401 Biochemistry I
And 8 credits from the following courses
BIO 380 Microbiology
BIO 492 Special Topics in Biology
HHP 420 Kinesiology Lab
HHP 490 Physiology of Exercise Lab
HPE 415 Kinesiology & Applied Anat
HPE 485 Physiology of Exercise
PHS 300 Classical & Modern Physics II

General Requirements

Prerequisite courses and entrance requirements vary between different programs; however, most programs require the following courses: General Biology I and II, Anatomy and Physiology I and II, General Chemistry I and II, Organic Chemistry I and II, Classical and Modern Physics I and II, Introduction to Psychology, Advanced Psychology, English Composition, and Statistics. Mathematics, English, and computer prerequisites vary depending on the program. Additional courses in psychology, sociology, communication and the humanities may also be required. Applicants to schools of physical therapy must demonstrate knowledge of the profession. To be considered for admission, programs typically require a minimum of 80 hours of full or part-time experience under the supervision of a certified physical therapist.

HPE 201 Safety, First Aid and CPR
PHS 241 Classical & Modern Physics I
PHS 300 Classical & Modern Physics II
PSY 200 General Psychology
PSY 2XX or 3XX Advanced Psychology
SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology