Pre-Pharmacy is offered within the Biology department. Click here for additional department information. 

General Requirements

Pharmacy programs usually consist of a two-year pre-pharmacy program followed by four years of pharmacy school. Beginning in 2001, all pharmacy schools in the U.S. began granting only pharmacy doctoral degrees. The pre-pharmacy program at the University of Providence provides the academic requirements of the first two years of a pharmacy program. Students are then eligible to transfer into the first professional year at a college of pharmacy. Transfer is highly competitive with most institutions requiring a 3.2 GPA in the sciences and overall cumulative GPA. Most students complete the pre-pharmacy requirements in two years and then transfer to a college of pharmacy as they do not have to fulfill actual major requirements.


Required Classes for a Biology Major

BIO 151 General Biology I
BIO 152 General Biology II
BIO 200 Ecology
BIO 221 Cell and Molecular Biology
BIO 311 Genetics
BIO 499 Senior Thesis
CHM 111 General Chemistry I
CHM 112 General Chemistry II
CHM 261 Organic Chemistry I
CHM 262 Organic Chemistry II
MTH 241 Calculus I
MTH 252 Statistical Methods for the Sciences

Health Professions Concentration

CHM 401 Biochemistry
And 12 credits from the following courses
BIO 380 Microbiology
BIO 400 Immunology
BIO 405 Developmental Biology
BIO 411 Cell Biology
BIO 420 Virology
BIO 492 Special Topics in Biology
PHS 300 Classical & Modern Physics II

Prerequisites required by most pharmacy programs are listed below, but students should investigate the exact course requirements of their pharmacy program of interest.

BIO 251 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIO 252 Anatomy and Physiology II
COM 101 Communications
ECN 205 Economics
ENG 117 Writing
PHS 241 Classical and Modern Physics I
PHS 300 Classical and Modern Physics II
PSY 200 General Psychology


SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology