Bachelor Degree Graduates

In keeping with Catholic tradition and the aspirations of the Sisters of Providence, the University of Providence forms the whole person, preparing our graduates to lead with integrity and serve with compassion while advancing the common good. Committed to fostering intellectual, affective, physical, and spiritual excellence, the University provides a liberal arts education that invites students to engage in ongoing dialogue between faith and reason. UProvidence graduates will be able to richly pursue the answers to the following questions: What does it mean to be human? What does it mean to participate in intellectual inquiry? What does it mean to “make a living” and to live as a productive human being? What does it mean to participate in the spiritual and religious dimensions of life?

Bachelor Degree Requirements

All graduates will:

  1. Cultivate intellectual skills and dispositions necessary for the pursuit of truth and common good;
  2. Communicate effectively through active listening and excellent command of oral, written, and technological skills maintaining the dignity of all;
  3. Learn and engage with the living Catholic Intellectual Tradition;
  4. Engage with diverse cultures and consider the inherent value in all creation;
  5. Demonstrate familiarity with major moral and ethical theories in order to act with sound ethical judgement in contemporary contexts;
  6. Reflect, learn, and live lives of integrity and compassion.

Bachelor’s Degree Core Curriculum Requirements 

Associate’s Degree Core Curriculum Requirements 

Applied Associate’s Degree Core Curriculum Requirements