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The University of Providence Associate of Applied Science in Surgical Technology program is a highly competitive program offered to individuals interested in a unique opportunity to work in perioperative care.

Application Requirements

To apply to the program, each perspective student must complete the following:

  • University Program Application that includes a brief essay
  • Completion of 25 core credits from UP or another accredited college or university.  UP must have all official transcripts from each school to ensure transferability of courses.  Core courses can be completed in the Pre-Surgical Technology Program.
  • Submit proof of High School diploma or GED.
  • Submit college transcripts that show completion of all core courses and a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative GPA for all required core courses.

Admission Requirements

All students seeking admission into the Associate of Applied Science in Surgical Technology Program are required to obtain and pay $143 for a Criminal Background Check, Drug Screen, Proof of Immunizations, and Proof of CPR Certification after they are admitted to the program.

Students will receive a link to CastleBranch (a 3rd party vendor) from the University of Providence to complete this requirement. As part of your academic program, students will spend time in an on-site learning lab and in operating rooms that include contact with patients.. This requirement will ensure that precautions are taken to protect patients.

The results of the background check and drug screen or failure to submit proof of immunizations may determine if you will be allowed to continue in the program. You must inform the Director of the program if you are convicted of a crime while enrolled in your educational program. Each learning lab and operating room site will be informed that a background check, drug screen, and proof of immunizations has been completed.

For PSJH and Partner Organization Caregivers: The background check and drug screen will be waived for you as long as you do not have a break in your academic program (i.e. take a semester off) and you stay employed with PSJH and/or a partner organization.  Caregivers are still required to submit proof of immunizations and CPR Certification to CastleBranch. Proof of immunizations can include 1) already documented immunizations that you upload to CastleBranch 2) complete your immunizations through your local employee health department that you upload to CastleBranch 3) complete the immunizations using CastleBranch documents/local lab.

Program Orientation

Dates and times to be determined for fall 2019.

Program Materials

All students must have access to a computer in order to complete their online course work.  Students must also have experience with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint.  It is recommended that students complete free tutorials for these programs from the Microsoft website.