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The University of Providence’s Associate of Applied Science Surgical Technology program requires students to complete core courses prior to submitting an application to the program. Students are able to transfer courses they have already completed from a different college or university to meet core requirements.

To find out if you are ready to start the program, review the list of core courses below. If you have questions on the transferability of your courses, please contact Kelsey Hassinger using the contact information listed below.

If this is your first time attending college, please follow the steps listed below.

Apply Now

  1. Complete the University of Providence Undergraduate application for admission. The application is located by clicking Apply Now above.  Select Pre-Surgical Technology as your major.
  2. Submit high school transcripts or GED.
  3. Students interested in applying for Financial Aid should complete a FASFA on our Financial Aid webpage.
  4. Once a completed application for the Pre-Surgical Technology program is received, students will receive a planner and registration instructions.

Surgical Technology Core Course Requirements

All core courses can be taken online through the University of Providence at a rate of $275 per credit.

University of Providence UP Class Name # of Credits
ENG 117 Writing Essays 3
MTH 108 Elementary Statistics 3
BIO 120* Human Form & Function I 4
BIO 130* Human Form & Function II 4
BIO 208 Microbiology 4
BIO 107 Medical Terminology 2
SHP 105 Professional Healthcare Ethics 2

*These courses are very similar to Anatomy & Physiology courses at community colleges and universities. To ensure transferability of any course, please contact Kelsey Hassinger, Program Coordinator using the contact information below.

Students must complete all core courses with a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher to be eligible to apply for the Associate of Applied Science Surgical Technology program.


Kelsey Hassinger, Program Coordinator
Phone: 406.791.5221

Providence Plaza