The values of character, competence and commitment have been part of the University of Providence’ mission since its founding in 1932.  At the University of Providence you will receive a high quality liberal arts education in the Catholic tradition. The University of Providence has been providing Distance Learning as an alternative to its students since 1979. The University of Providence takes great pride in its ability to deliver quality courses to its Distance Students. The University’s American Bar Association accredited Bachelor of Science Degree in Legal and Paralegal Studies Program is available on-line to Air Force Paralegals who have obtained their Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies from the Community College of the Air Force.
Although a paralegal cannot practice law, give legal advice or provide legal services directly to the public, unless permitted by law, it is an exciting a rewarding field. The Legal and Paralegal Studies Program at the University of Providence not only prepares students to assume challenging paralegal positions but also serves as a stepping stone for those who want to go to law school. The required Legal Specialty Courses provide a balance between legal theory and practical application while the Legal Electives allow students to pursue other areas of law which are of special interest to them.

II.             Distance Learning

The University of Providence uses two different technologies in its Distance Learning; Lync and Moodle.
Lync allows Distance Students to attend classes in real time. This creates a learning environment where students can speak directly to professor and fellow students. If a student’s schedule does not allow them to take classes in real time then Moodle is their answer.
According to Jason Cole and Helen Foster in their book Using Moodle-Teachng with the Popular Open Source Course Management System, “Moodle is an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. It is an open source Course Management System that universities, community colleges, K-12 schools, businesses, and even individual instructors use to add web technology to their courses. More than 30,000 educational organizations around the world currently use Moodle to deliver online courses and to supplement face-to-face courses.” Because of its asynchronous Moodle allows Air Force Students at the University of Providence to work on the course where and when it is most convenient to them.

III.           Additional Services

Additional services the University of Providence makes available to its Air Force students include access to an extensive online library with more than eighty (80) electronic databases. Included in those databases are Academic OneFile, Criminal Justice Collection, ProQuest Criminal Justice, LegalTrac, WestLaw Campus Research and WestLawPro.
Access is also available to the University’s student services such as career counseling assistance, placement assistance, resume writing, interviewing and tutoring.

IV.           Requirements and Program Goals

To obtain a Bachelor Degree in Legal and Paralegal Studies a student must complete a minimum of one hundred twenty-eight (128) credit hours consisting of at least thirty-four (34) credit hours in Legal and Paralegal Studies, fifteen (15) credit hours of which must be taken at the University of Providence, and a minimum of thirty (30) credit hours of the one hundred twenty-eight (128) total credit hours being obtained from the University of Providence. Also thirty-two (32) credit hours of the one hundred twenty-eight (128) total credit hours must be in upper division courses (300 level or higher).  Click here for the AU/ABC Program Plan File.

The mission of the University of Providence Legal and Paralegal Studies Program is to prepare students to enter into the paralegal profession or go onto law school. The three full-time professors who make up the Legal and Paralegal Studies Department (all of them current or former practicing attorneys) take great pride in providing courses which assist their students in mastering the skills needed to make them competent and successful paralegals and/or law students.

The Legal and Paralegal Studies Program at the University of Providence has established and maintains the following goals for the Program:
  •         To understand and utilize the concepts of critical and analytical thinking skills.
  •         To understand and demonstrate the importance of effective communication skills required of a paralegal professional.
  •         To have a working knowledge of the Federal and State Court Systems.
  •         To be adept at computerized and manual legal research techniques.
  •         To develop professional quality legal writing skills.
  •         To understand and utilize the principles of effective time management, management of office resources and the interpersonal skills necessary to develop and maintain professional relationships.
  •         To understand and follow the Rules and Responsibility/ethical conduct for the legal profession including, but not limited to, the limitations paralegals have regarding the giving of legal advice and/or practicing law.
  •         To educate and train students in areas of procedural and substantive law which are fundamental to the paralegal profession.

V.            Application for Admission 

To join the University of Providence/Air Force Legal and Paralegal Studies Program a prospective student must first apply for and be admitted to the University of Providence. Application for admission can be completed on-line by going to the University of Providence web page at Those applicants who have preliminary questions or need assistance with the application process can obtain help by contacting the Admissions Office by email at or by phone at (406) 791-5202.

VI.           Transfer Credits and Transcripts  

Upon being accepted to the University of Providence the University’s Registrar will evaluate the student’s college transcript(s) and military training to determine the number of transfer credits which the University of Providence will accept and apply towards the credit requirements for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Legal and Paralegal Studies.
The following University of Providence’ Legal and Paralegal Studies courses will be considered satisfied provided the student transferring to the University of Providence has completed the Community College of the Air Force’s courses listed directly opposite them after August, 2006.
University of Providence
Community College of the Air Force
PLG 101-Introduction to Paralegalism (3 credits)
OP3D-Orientation/Diagnostics 6
OP3D- Intro to AF Legal Practice 19
OP3D-General, Operations & International Law 15
OP3D- Ethics for Paralegals 30
PLG 203-Introduction to Legal Analysis
 (3 credits)
OP3D-Quality Force Management 42
PLG 305-Legal Research and Writing (4 credits)
OP3D-Legal Research and Writing 37.5
OP7C-Legal Research and Writing 36.75
PLG 397-Field Experience in Legal Assistant
(3 credits)
OP7C- Field Exercise 19.50
OP7C-Supervision and Training 21.5
OP3D-Automated Military Justice Analysis System 12
Legal Specialty Electives (6 credits) and General Law Electives (6 credits)
OP3D-Post Trial Administration 32
OP3D-Air Force Claims 25
OP7C-General Law 55.75
OP7C-Military Justice 58
OP7C-Operations & International Law 27
NOTE: This credit acceptance agreement will allow graduates of the Community College of the Air Force Associate Degree Program in Paralegal Studies to transfer seamlessly into the University of Providence’ Legal and Paralegal Studies Program with the assurance that they will need no more than sixty-four (64) credits of coursework at the University of Providence to complete their Bachelor of Science degree in Legal and Paralegal Studies.

VII.         Tuition

The University of Providence, in association with the United Sates Department of Defense, offers University of Providence students affiliated with the Air Force a discounted rate per credit hour. The current discounted rate is Two Hundred Fifty Dollars ($250) per credit hour.

VIII.         Registration / Schedule

Once a student is accepted to the University of Providence they will be assigned an Advisor. From that point on the Advisor will assist the student in determining what courses are needed to complete their degree and the best schedule to complete those courses.

IX.           Contacts

In addition to the Admissions Office, the following can be contacted to answer questions about the University of Providence and the University of Providence/Air Force Paralegal Studies Program:
Alma Castillo,  E-mail –; Phone- (406) 781-0807.