Group Of University Students Attending Lecture On Campus

Program Tuition

The cost of the Medical Assistant Certificate Program is $483 per credit.  A total of 15 credits in the Medical Assistant Certificate Program are offered. A $100 lab fee will be assessed for each course. The total program cost for tuition and lab fees is $7,775.

PSJH and Partner organization caregivers, spouses/partners and dependents are eligible for special tuition pricing at $283 per credit.  The total program cost for tuition and lab fees is $4,745.

Students have the option to pay the total due each semester up front, or they can set up a 4 or 5 month installment payment plan for a fee of $45.

All admitted students are required to pay a $50 non-refundable deposit to secure their seats in the program. This deposit will be applied toward the student’s tuition bill for the first course.


Other Program Costs

Mandatory Program Orientation

Students must attend a one-day program orientation prior to the start of the program.  Students are responsible for transportation costs to and from the orientation.

First Aid/CPR Training

Prior to orientation, students must complete a First Aid/CPR certification. Additionally, students will complete HIPPA training while attending the program orientation.

Course Textbooks

Students are responsible for purchasing textbooks for the program.

Scrubs and Shoes for Clinical Internship

Students are responsible to purchase a minimum of two sets of NAVY blue scrubs so they can complete 160 hours of their clinical internship in a clinic setting.

Students are also responsible for purchasing a pair of tennis shoes or other closed-toe shoes for the clinic setting. All shoes must be clean in appearance and must cover the entire foot. Non-skid shoes are best and shoes that can be easily wiped clean are advised.