The Concentration in Management (MGT) is intended for individuals who work in administrative and entry-level management positions or whose career objective is a management role. These individuals have chosen to expand the scope and effectiveness of their skills and knowledge to further their contribution to their organization and to enhance their career development.

The management role in most organizations has expanded and intensified in scope, expectations, and measured outcomes. It is essential for managers to constantly upgrade their knowledge and skills working with personnel, facilities, legal and policy directives, planning, implementation and outcome assessment, revenue generation and fiscal accountability, and community, regional and state relations and development.


Graduates with this Concentration are able to effectively implement these outcomes:

  1. Apply an understanding of and a command over key concepts, theories, and data regarding society, and the challenges and opportunities in a diversity of organizations in the public sector.
  2. Apply an understanding of the process of management, supervision, and development of personnel.
  3. Demonstrate the ability to efficiently manage the fiscal affairs of revenue generation and expense parameters of an organization.
  4. Demonstrate writing and public speaking knowledge and skills to communicate to a variety of community and professional audiences.
  5. Articulate and implement strategies for renewal and empowerment within their organizational context.
  6. Demonstrate awareness and application of ethical and legal principles and judgments for management roles and responsibilities in a wide range of organizations.
  7. Successfully market and convey the mission and the activities of organizations.
  8. Demonstrate effective development, implementation, and evaluation of plans and outcomes to expand the effectiveness of organizations.


Core Required Credits 
MSL 511 Organizational Leadership – 3
MSL 514 Organizational Communication – 3
MSL 518 Evidence Based Practice – 3
MSL 521 Organizational Finance – 3
Total Core Curriculum credits required – 12

Management Concentration  Required Credits
MSL 500 Information Systems – 3 OR
MSL 520 Systems Design and Project Management - 3

MSL 510 Organization Training and Development – 3 OR
MSL 512 Grant Writing and Administration – 3

MSL 509 Human Motivation and Learning -3 OR
MSL 610 Leadership and Innovation in Organizations – 3

MSL 695 Internship/Project – 3
Total Management Concentration Credits Required – 12

Electives Required Credits (complete 3 of the following*)
(*Management concentration courses not used above may be used as electives.)
MSL 500 Information Systems - 3
MSL 508 Personnel Management and Administration – 3
MSL 509 Human Motivation and Learning – 3
MSL 520 Systems Design and Project Management – 3
MSL 530 Marketing Organizations – 3
MSL 560 Health Care Delivery Systems – 3
MSL 592 Special Topic or Travel Course – 3
MSL 610 Leadership and Innovation in Organizations – 3
MSL 620 Strategy Formation, Planning and Evaluation – 3
MSL 660 Health Care Finance – 3
MSA 515 Government and Not for Profit Accounting – 3
Total Elective Credits Required – 12

Total Credit Hours Required for Degree – 36