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Role Description

The Master of Science in Infection Prevention & Epidemiology degree is designed to create leaders who will use epidemiologic and infection prevention principles and tools to prevent infections and provide education across the care continuum. Acting as a change agent, the students who graduate from this program will use systems thinking, data, and evidence-based practice to facilitate collaboration to improve patient safety. A core benefit of this program is the diversity of professional students that stimulates exchanges and integrations of learning across care settings.

Major Program Themes

  • Transformational Leadership
  • Identification, Prevention & Control of Infections
  • Surveillance & Epidemiological Investigation
  • Program Development & Integration
  • Patient Safety & Quality
  • Effective Communication
  • Continuum of Care
  • Influencing Human Behavior
  • Inter-professional Collaboration
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Life-long Learning

Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates in the IPE degree program demonstrate the following program learning outcomes:

  1. Lead inter-professional teams to design and implement infection prevention strategies.
  2. Identify and analyze infectious disease processes across the continuum of care.
  3. Develop and implement a comprehensive infection prevention program using research and evidence based practice to improve patient safety.
  4. Conduct surveillance and investigate epidemiological patterns to prevent transmission of infections.
  5. Synthesize complex information and educate healthcare communities.
  6. Assess the environmental and behavioral influences related to disease transmission.
  7. Apply data collections methods, applications, sampling systems and informatics to improve decision-making and accountability.
  8. Serve as an organizational resource for continuous learning and inquiry.

Partnership with Providence St. Joseph Health

Our students are prepared to be leaders in healthcare. Our unique partnership with Providence St. Joseph Health (PSJH) offers students the opportunity to receive a quality education with a direct connection to the healthcare industry.

  • Career-ready
    • Designed for students to become skilled, competent, lifelong learners in a rapidly changing and complex healthcare arena.
  • Convenient
    • Healthcare courses are offered online with state-of-the-art video conference capabilities.
  • Affordable cost, big value
    • With already competitive tuition rates, students can access multiple scholarship opportunities that could lead to significant tuition reduction.
  • Engaged teaching and learning
    • Students learn effectively from faculty who help facilitate all learning experiences.
  • Internship opportunities
    • Students have access to PSJH facilities across seven states in numerous healthcare settings that prepare them for real-world job placement.
  • Job opportunities
    • During the last semester of their academic program, students have the opportunity to apply for employment within PSJH.