As Director of Student Experience at the University of Providence, I work with students to make sure they are experiencing college to the fullest. Our students go to college near some of the most amazing and beautiful areas in the world. As Director of Student Experience, I take them to explore places like Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, the Sluice Boxes State Park, Showdown for skiing and snowboarding, the Great Falls Symphony, rock climbing, and many other experiences that enrich their college experience.

I get to help students start their experience at the University through orientation. They spend three days getting to know their fellow students at a camp in the Little Belts. Students stand on top of a mountain, eat smores, dance, laugh, learn and grow. I love watching them get their initial experience of this community and the impact it can make on their lives.

Developing our Corps of Discovery program gave me the opportunity to work with students in the classroom and to see them develop their sense of self. I am excited to be part of deepening the Corps of Discovery program as it transitions to a three-credit course. The expanded course content allows students to understand themselves and how they will contribute to the community.

My wife Karen, our daughter Kate, and I have made Great Falls our home for the past 15 years. We love the town and the many opportunities it provides. We enjoy the symphony, skiing, hiking, and the incredible people who live in Great Falls. The University and Great Falls are poised for great things. I am excited to be part of that future.