The Dean of Students role is a unique one for the campus. I oversee the student code of conduct, student engagement, and residential life. To put it another way, I am tasked with keeping students involved and active in campus life while trying to help them stay out of my office. I hear from students, parents, professors, coaches, and academic support staff on a daily basis. I spend a lot of my time working with folks on campus to create a better student experience on the whole as well as for specific students. Even though the Dean of Students is usually the villain in every 1980’s movie, that part of my job is actually pretty small. The project I am most excited about right now is developing a new model for residential life we call our “community learning model.” This model should really improve the residential learning environment so that our students get the most out of their four years living with us.
I have been the Dean of Students at the University of Providence for about three years. The amount of growth, change, and improvement I have seen in the campus during that time is astounding. My hope is that we continue to grow and change in this way as our entire industry is changing. We are connecting to national best practices in a way that I think align with who we are as an institution. I also think we are pioneering some ways of serving students that I hope will influence other schools.