Professor Lyndon Marshall’s career spans three decades, giving him an in-depth understanding of the development of modern computer science. He has worked as a programmer, software engineer, network administrator, project manager, and network engineer; he has built and managed email systems, in addition to database development.

His insight into the challenges of online students and teachers is based on solid experience with multiple distance learning platforms. Professor Marshall has kept current with Artificial Intelligence technologies such as expert systems, machine learning methods, and information engineering.  His current research interests include computer security, social engineering, and the impact of technology on critical thinking.

When he is not teaching, Professor Marshall runs, lifts weights, and cycles. Trained in multiple forms of martial arts, he holds a black belt in Shin Karate-Do. During summers, he tends his garden, fruit trees, nut trees, and yard.

BS, University of Providence
MBA, University of Montana
EdD, Montana State University

“If we don’t make an effort to understand technology, we’ll fail to understand one of the most important factors that will shape humanity and the future.”
-Lyndon Marshall