Newly minted philosopher Dr. Jonathan Nelson joined the University of Providence faculty in 2017. His dissertation explored Plato’s theories on the immortality of the soul. His research interests include the ethical implications of the ontological status of the soul – in other words, can knowing what kind of thing the soul is help you understand what you should be doing? He is an experienced instructor, after stints at Southern Illinois Edwardsville, Southwest Illinois Community College, McKendree University and Saint Louis University.

He is ecstatic to be back near the mountains after his academic exile in the Midwest. A native of Boise, Idaho, he enjoys camping and hiking, and board games with friends.

BA, Boise State University
MA, Saint Louis University
PhD, Saint Louis University

“You are wedded to stupidity, my good fellow, stupidity in the highest degree—our discussion and your own words convict you of it.”
-Socrates, Alcibiades 118b (translated by D.S. Hutchinson)