Dr. Aaron Parrett publishes articles in history, philosophy, and literary studies. His essay in the Montana Magazine of Western History, “Montana’s Worst Natural Disaster: The 1964 Flood on the Blackfeet Reservation,” won the People’s Choice Award in 2004. His books include Montana Americana Music (2016), Literary Butte: A History in Novels and Film (2015), and Montana Then and Now (2014). He wrote introductions to classic science fiction novels such as Jules Verne’s From the Earth to the Moon, H.G. Wells’ The War of the Worlds, and E.R. Burroughs’ The Martian Tales.

Dr. Parrett is the founder of The Territorial Press. His hobby is letterpress printing on an antique 1920s’ print machine. He created a frontispiece out of a poem by author Jamie Ford, for a preface to place in a limited run for Ford’s newest novel. He handset the poem with lead type and then printed with two colors (two runs through the treadle printer.)

BA, University of Montana
MA, University of Georgia
PhD, University of Georgia

“If you forsake study for one day, it will forsake you for two.”