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The following documents will assist you with the registration process. All class registrations should be submitted via ArgoExpress.

Registration Tutorials

ArgoExpress Part 1 – This tutorial will walk students through the basics of registration.

ArgoExpress Part 2 – This tutorial will help students learn to navigate the add and drop functionality of ArgoExpress including how to register for classes with override approval. Students will also learn how to alter the number of credits in variable credit courses.


Helpful Documents

Add, Drop and Withdrawal Information

Use this webpage to assist you with questions about adding and dropping courses once the semester begins as well as to completely withdrawal from the University.

Time Conflict Override
Use this form when you need to enroll in two classes with less than a 15 minute overlap.

Student Registration Process
This document will walk you through the step by step process of how to submit your course registration via ArgoExpress.

Quick Registration Instructions
This document will quickly walk you through the online registration process using ArgoExpress.

ArgoExpress Basic Terminology
This quick reference will help you learn the terminology you’ll be using during ArgoExpress registration.

Registration Overrides and Error Messages
This document will familiarize you with how to request overrides from instructors and what various registration error messages mean and how you can resolve them.

Registration FAQs
This will answer some of the more basic questions you may have regarding ArgoExpress registration.