The electric atmosphere during the Montana State Wrestling Tournament is hard to describe. I have sat in every corner of the Rimrock Auto Arena and assumed many different roles; each one having its own special place in my heart. This year I had a new experience, thanks to the University of Providence, formerly the University of Great Falls.

I wanted to get a picture of the UP Wrestling Alum that were helping out and giving back to the sport now, but when we all met in the hospitality room before the finals I realized that it was bigger than just wrestling. These men were now giving back to the state of Montana, teaching life lessons to the next generation and hoping that maybe some of them will be future Argos. Everyone laughed and reminisced as we briefly reconnected. Telling stories of the past, but also talking about what they are doing now and what their capacity is. What is also amazing is that some of these coaches are not from the state of Montana, but thanks to the University they are now working, living in, and contributing to a community in our great state. It was one of the more gratifying moments I have had at the State Wrestling tournament, and am thankful that I was able to be a part of it.

Looking towards the future, I am trying to keep a positive attitude. Most of these men work in schools as teachers, counselors, or administrators; something no longer available to future Argos after a hard decision was reached to drop our education program. I am hopeful that this will not change the hearts of future Alum to give back to the sports that helped shape them into the people they are today. While it may be hard getting into a coaching position without working for a school, that does not mean that it is impossible. For an Argo…anything can happen.